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The Republic of Finland is one of the Nordic countries. The country is inhabited of people with unique charm and guts that themself are a genuine tourist attraction.

Rovaniemi, Finland - Fun on snow by husky driving - Part 1 of 2!

Soon time to do it again. Last Christmas (2010) I jumped on a sledge and experienced the high speed and exhilaration of a husky drive in Finland`s wilderness. I was highly inspired by the novel The Call of the Wild, written by the American author Jack London. Dog sledging is really something for they who like to have fun on snow.
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Husky,huskies,Rovaniemi,Finland,dogs,safaris,sled dogs

Photo. Mother and son, Paivi and Miika from Finland, two eager and brave husky riders. © Travel Explorations.

The mentioned novel was published in 1903: It’s about a dog named Buck, serving as a sled dog in the Yukon during the 19th-century Klondike Gold Rush. Several films based on this dramatic novel have been produced.

One of the best places to experience the thrill of husky trekking is in the wilderness in northern Finland, one of Europe’s last wildernesses.

Think outside the box when you're planning your tour to Rovaniemi. Don`t forget to experience the wilderness there. The city and area around has more to offer than just visiting Santa and sucking up the Christmas atmosphere. Forget Santa, Christmas presents, reindeers, skating, skiing and snowboarding, for a while. How about trying, if you dare, one of the world's most exciting winter sports? So when you think of the ultimate winter experience, husky sledge driving is surely a part of that.

Photo. Miika and Stein, two good friends playing with the dogs i the kennel, farm, at Huskypoint, located outside Rovaniemi. 
© Travel Explorations.
Husky,huskies,Rovaniemi,Finland,dogs,safaris,sled dogs

Husky is a general term for several breeds of dog used as sled dogs. Husky type dogs are energetic and athletic, and are able to pull you around in the landscape in a high speed. It`s drove up and down, through sharp curves, just like a rollercoaster.

When I experienced husky driving in Rovaniemi it was minus 17th degrees Celsius, but since I was well dressed with thermal suits and footwear, it was no problem. I just got little bit cold in the face.

The tour operator`s mushers teached us to drive a dog team. We learned about the everyday life of these gentle dogs. An hour-long dogsled run covered a surprisingly long distance.

The dogs looked little bit scary in the beginning. They barked loudly and I associated them for a while with hungry wolves. Where the dogs hungry or did they just bark to welcome me? It didn’t took long time before I understood that they just had friendly intentions and wanted to say hello and play with me. The farm owners introduced their dogs to me and told about their life.

Photo. The musher hitching sled dogs into their harness. It`s looked difficult with the all the active dogs, but he did it with elegance.
© Travel Explorations.

Fasten your seatbelt too, and be ready for take off!

Husky,huskies,Rovaniemi,Finland,dogs,safaris,sled dogs

After that is was time for driving. The dogs were so happy running around in the wilderness in a high speed. Their teamwork was fantastic thanks to the good musher from Huskypoint.

It was also good to return to the farm so I could get warm in the farm's wooden Kammi near the fireplace, eat little bit and have warm drinks.

Husky-trekking is for they who like high speed in a dramatic landscape with wind-in-your-face exhilaration combined with the need to concentrate to avoid falling off and breaking something.

Photo. Jouni from Finland`s observes his wife Paivi and son Mikka in a high speed on the husky sledge.
© Travel Explorations.

He is smiling. It`s fun and nothing to worry about.

Husky,huskies,Rovaniemi,Finland,dogs,safaris,sled dogs

Read more about husky adventures in the article part 2.

Stein Morten Lund, 16th September 2011

Addtional information
Read more about huskies in Finland our our global travel guide Travel Explorations.

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