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Here we present the world`s biggest mysteries. Humans` search lead to the most amazing experiences, explorations and discoveries.

Memorial stone on Oak Island - Stein Morten Lund

Oak Island mystery, Halifax, Canada - What is going on now in 2024?

Exploration of the big mystery on Oak Island started for over 200 years ago and it still goes on. Nestled in Halifax, Canada, this island is home to one of the world's most enduring mysteries, famously known as "The Money Pit." 

Tenerife,Guimar,pyramids,black pyramids,Heyerdahl

Guimar, Tenerife, Spain - The lost pyramids in Europe!

Yes, it`s really true, there are pyramids in Europe too, not only in Egypt, Peru, Mexico and Guatemala. The highly visible evidence could be admired at Guimar on the Canarian island Tenerife in Spain. 

Ayers Rock, Uluru, Chamberlain missing baby girl

Azaria Chamberlain case at Uluru, Ayers rock, Australia - Truth in the outback

The famous case has haunted and divided Australia for decades. Was the baby in fact killed by a dingo or by the hands of her own parents? The miniserie "Trial in the Outback” reveals the truth once and for all. 


Is Santorini the remains of Atlantis?

The myth of the lost Atlantis is one of the most popular mysteries in the world. It’s possible that Atlantis has existed, but never been discovered, or it has not existed at all. Could the idyllic island Santorini in Greek be the place?

2023-01-25 Read more

Nazi Gold Train, Wałbrzych, Poland

Searched in the dark for Nazi Gold Train near Wałbrzych, Poland

Searched today for the Nazi Gold Train or Wałbrzych Gold Train. Since World War Two there have been rumours that a train full of loot and guns disappeared into a complex of tunnels - part of a secret military project Riese which the Nazis never finished.

Blue tower,Blåtårnet,Akershus fortress,festning,Oslo,Norway

Akershus Festning, Akershus Fortress – Norway`s most haunted place!

Akershus Fortress, Akershus Festning, or Akershus Castle, Akershus slott, is a medieval castle that was built to protect Oslo, the capital of Norway. It has also been used as a prison. This fortress is also reknowned to be the host of several ghosts.

Outside the old National Bank in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania - The mystery behind the Great Communist Bank Robbery

In 1959 it was a robbery at the Romanian National Bank in Bucharest. No one expected a bank robbery behind the Iron Curtain, but it was carried out by a gang of six members of the communist state - against all odds. Nobody exactly knows to this day what really happened or why the robbers did it, but the most peculiar events started after the robbery. Or was it not a robbery at all?

2015-05-04 Read more

"Closer to the Moon" - Romania - Movie about the Great Communist Bank Robbery

2015-05-04 Read more

Escape from Alcatraz, movie, Clint Eastwood

The Alcatraz escapees could have survived - An interactive model proves it

One of longest-enduring American mysteries began on a frigid, wind-lashed night in June of 1962. Assembled along the banks of the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was a trio of hardscrabble robbers. They were about to do something that would either make them famous or dead — or both. They have never been found. New light shed to this mystery indicates that the escapees might survived.

2014-12-18 Read more


Stonehenge - New discoveries changes the written history

Many discoveries have been done in the recent years. Some of them are that Stonehenge may have served as a giant musical instrument, been a burial site for the Stone Age elite, build on solstice axis, finds of tools marks made for 4500 years ago and 1,000 years old graffiti.

2014-06-24 Read more

Strange items world mysteries

Top 10 unexplained ancient artifacts that challenge our understanding of the past

Over the last few hundred years, many perplexing artifacts have been unearthed that do not fit the currently accepted theories of geology and the history of man. Some of them are: Piri Reis Map (1513), Shroud of Turin, Aztec Calendar, Antikythera Device, Celtic Cross, Mystery Skulls, Ancient Airplanes Fuente Magna Phaistos Disk Catalan Atlas, Baghdad Battery Stone, Spheres, Voynich Manuscript, Delhi Iron Pillar, Dendera Lamps, Djed, Flower of Life, Catalan Atlas, Delhi Iron Pillar, Djed, Georgia Guidestones, Talismans.

2014-03-02 Read more

Oak Island mystery

The Curse of Oak Island - Discovery made!

Rumours leaked today about that the brothers Rick and Marty Lagina made one of the biggest discoveries in the 200-year old search for treasure on Oak Island. The Curse of Oak Island is a reality television series. The premiere date is 9th February 2014 on History.com. What have the brothers found?

2014-02-02 Read more

Images of books from great explorers

The 100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time

In May 2004 National Geographic`s Adventure Magazine published a list of the 100 greatest adventure books of all time. They are what the magazine call "Extreme Classics". These books are still inspiring for modern explorers.
2014-01-21 Read more

National Geographic 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed Or Not?

In National Geographic`s 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed Special Issue the magazine covers secrets of the supernatural, ancient civilizations and conundrums of science. Who made Stonehenge and how? What lies beneath the lost city of Petra? What brought an end to Mayan civilization? How did Utah's celebrated arches form? Are these mysteries from ancient time really complety revealed now? And what about other mysteries not mentioned in this magazine?

2014-01-21 Read more

Scientists make Easter Island statue walk

2013-11-03 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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