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Get traffic to your website through our marketing services!

The tourist industry is the biggest industry in the world. It accounts for over 10 % of the world`s total gross product, and it continues to grow. Using online advertising on our web site helps you to focus on segments that will improve your web marketing efforts.

Travel Explorations (www.travelexplorations.com) has a wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities available for companies (partners) which want to target their offers to experienced backpackers and adventure travellers all over the world. Travel Explorations can help you to put together a package to fit your specific objectives and needs.

We offer everything from standard banner and button ad campaigns to more custom integrated programs included targeted e-mail campaigns. Travel Explorations (TE) will assist you to reach your target customers to promote your buisness. 

Terms and Technical Specifications for Advertising

Ad specifications
Standard banners
Rich media banners
Ad Banner Size:
468x60 GIF and GIF89
HTML, JavaScript, etc.
Ad Sponsorships:
120 x 60, 120 x 90 or Text w/ URL
File Size:
15 kb
15 kb
Ad Limit/Advertiser:
Ad Delivery Deadline:
3-Full Business Days
3-Full Business Days
Ad Looping Restrictions:
Ad Branding:
All ads must include advertiser branding in the form of advertiser`s name and/or logo
Ad Delivery Methods:
E-mail stein@travelexplorations.com or provide URL to pick-up site
Production contact:
Stein Morten Lund; Norway, E-mail: stein@travelexplorations.com
Ad campaigns may be cancelled without penalty, with 2-weeks written notice.
Other information:
Provide linking URL, Alt text and rotation instructions for each banner


Add more revenue streams to your existing business by target customers in Nordic countries!

Special advertising offer for targeting customers in Nordic countries
We offer special marketing services for travel companies which want to target their customers in Nordic countries as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, especially focused on the Norwegian travel market. Together with our Norwegian business partner Reiseliv (www.reiseliv.no), we assist companies with effective advertising, e-mail campaigns, news and articles in Norwegian, media contact and press releases etc. 

Our business partner Reiseliv: travel guide in Norwegian - click on the link www.Reiseliv.no


Reiseliv is one of the biggest travel guides (portals) in the Norwegian language. It covers exciting travel destinations all over the world and gives you one of the best alternatives to be visible in the Norwegian travel market. Here do all kind of travellers from Norway, but also some few from other Nordic countries, find ideas and inspiration for their next adventurous journey.
Reach your target customers directly through e-mail campaigns
We run our e-mail campaigns based on our database with people with passion for travelling around the world. Especially for travel companies which want to target customers in Nordic countries as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, we have a wide contact net and a great number subscribers. Doing it in the right way, e-mail campaigns are simple, fast and targeting! It gives opportunities to start an immediately interactive dialog with responding customers.

Catch potential customers attention! Travel Explorations readers look for new adventures and destinations to explore! Would you like to be seen, you are welcome to contact us.


Our e-mails for newsletters or special campaigns are professionally designed. This will be profitable for Travel Agents, travel operators, Air Planes, Hotels and other companies within the travel industry, which like to announce their special offers or New Travel Packages! We offer various prices depending on how many emails you will like us to send for you. You can send your emails whenever you want in any amount you want.

Note 1:
Custom programs can be built to encompass any time frame and any budget based upon a reasonable price and inventory availability.
Note 2:We don't take any responsibilities for readers (users of the website; travellers) or advertisers deals and actions.

Companies and websites that do not meet our editorial guidelines will not be offered promotion services on our website.
Basic requirements for being considered by us
We reserve the right to reject advertising and link requests. The following types of websites will not be promoted on our website:
- Websites that redirect to another domain
- Websites that are still "under construction"
- Websites consisting of mostly affiliate links
- Websites that offer no value to travellers or other kind of audience related to our website
- Websites that contain excessive pop-ups or pop-unders
- Websites that are illegal
- Websites that give incorrect information
We do our best to make the information on our web site as accurate as possible. As a interactive publisher and marketplace, we can not take any responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person using this information and services from advertisers on our site.
For Ad Sales, contact Stein Morten Lund at e-mail stein@travelexplorations.com.

Be visible on internet
Our website Travel Explorations (www.TravelExplorations.com) operates around the clock, that means that the users (readers;customers) can use the website whenever it suits them. Internet is filled with noise and confusion. Using Internet is about creating a business - not a website. If you want a business, you need "clicks" on your website. But how do you get attention?

 Travel Explorations specializes in Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising. Through our services we drive traffic to our partners (clients) sites based on effective online advertising and internet marketing services. We can also design and produce banners and buttons for our clients!

In addition to banners and buttons, we offer powerful online marketing and advertising services as:
·        Special company presentation under the link "Unique tour operators"
·        Distribution of e-mails (newsletters and targeting e-mail campaigns)
·        Destination sponsorship: links, banners and buttons related to selected destinations.
·        Topic sponsorship: links, banners and buttons related to specific topics (editorial features). It`s possible to select topics according to our left menu such as:
o       Exotic Tribes
o       Destinations
o       Mysteries
o       Society & Lifestyle
o       Wildlife
o       Extreme Sport
o       Expeditions
o       And more
·        Sponsored links, banners and buttons related to articles
·        Sponsored Mini-Site (exclusive presentation of our partner)
·        Direct booking link: we can put a link that connects travellers directly to your booking service.
·        And more
Added partner value through our news service:
Our news service focus on travel tales from recent exciting tours, along with summaries of unique expeditions and great discoveries. Travel Explorations offers news updated throughout the week, with interesting commentary and useful background information. We offer our partners to be extra visible related to relevant news, which will be published on our front page.
When travellers (readers) clicking on our news articles, they will at the same time immediately be aware of our partners products and services. So in that way we offer our partners to be related to the news HEADLINES!
Our services represent highly visible promotion throughout our site combined with other profitable activities. By establishing alliances with us, you will be in much better position in the future.

Travel Explorations` strategy has been to provide clients and partners with a full range of products and value added services. With Internet as a sales canal, we can offer excellent service and product combinations as an alternative to other web portals and search engines.
Additional consultant services for advertising and campaigns in other media:
• Work out media strategies, plan and budgets for advertisers for both internet portals and printed media (newspaper and magazines)
• Coordinate activities between editions and advertising departments - for example integrate our advertising services wither other internet portals (also possible with text in several languages)
• Carry out sales- and activity plan for advertisers
• Use of analysing tools: collection of statistical data for measuring and analysing the traffic and more
• Evaluate and adjust advertises and campaigns
Accomplish your web marketing goals more efficiently!
We believe that E-mail marketing is the most effective and efficient way to influence purchases and keep customers informed and satisfied. And it's also extremely inexpensive. Where you might have mailed out one printed customer update every month, you can now send an e-mail each week for a fraction of the cost! Ask us and we give you an affordable price for doing a professional direct marketing job.

We are following the web trends that affect your business!

Do it right the first time. The conditions for business are changing, faster and faster, but the goal is the same. More than ever trends are playing a major role in your web marketing success (or failure) too.
We add contents to your website
By adding content to your website search engines will catch your words and sentences, and make it available for search. That is one way to increase the traffic to your website. We can provide you with interesting articles and great photos, both for "feeding" the search engines so they can direct customers directly to your website, and for supporting your business concept (products and services).
Enhance your website listing by adding links and being linked to
We can help you to add links in two ways:
1. By adding links to other websites on our site, you will be more visible on search engines. Those who search for other websites will sometimes step in to your site.
2. By getting others to add a link to you on their website, you will get more traffic directly from this site, and you will also get a higher ranking on search engines.
Be aware that search engines today consider thoroughly who is linking to you, and what information they give about you. A link from an important travel guide or company means that your site is valuable.
We have a wide contact net internationally, especially in Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), and will be delighted to assist you in spreading your website through links.
Our TE-marketing process is:
1.      Defining need and opportunities.
2.      Setting objectives, budget and timetables.
3.      Designing the plan and solution.
4.      Production based on plans and specifications.
5.      Implementing the plan and solution.
6.      Evaluating the response.


Contact us to discuss your specific marketing and brand objectives, and so we can find out what we can do together!

Kindly regards
Stein Morten Lund
Travel Explorations 

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Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

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