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Here we give advice and inform about important trends in the world`s biggest industry - travel tourisme! Life could be so wonderful if we only knew what to do with it. Travelling is one alternative. Explore more!

Inspire adventure travellers to explore more of the world

How to inspire adventure travellers to explore more of the world?

Travel adventurers are often motivated to venture off the beaten track by a variety of compelling reasons. Imagine you discover a hidden world, a place where the journey itself becomes the destination. Each step off the beaten track is a step into the extraordinary, where every moment is a story waiting to be told. Venture beyond the familiar, embrace the unknown, and let the world reveal its most enchanting secrets to you. What are the key motivators that inspire them to seek out unique and less-traveled paths?


Useful AI apps for adventure travellers

Useful AI apps for adventure travellers

AI apps serve as their trusted companions, turning potential challenges into opportunities for deeper exploration. Today the modern travel adventurer uses AI - artificial intelligence – for planning, navigation and mapping, climbing and mountaineering, wild life, cultural insight, safety and emergency. Which are the most useful go-to-apps?

Image of Earth created by ChatGTP

Is there intelligent life on Earth?

I just wonder: it is time to focus more on finding intelligent life on Earth than in outer space? With so many conflicts around the world, it increases the risk of wide spreading wars, and we need to find intelligent people who can prevent it. 

Happy New Year from us in Travel Explorations. New hopes, new ideas and new opportunities. Wish you to embark on new adventures.

Happy New Year 2023 from Travel Explorations

Happy New Year from us in Travel Explorations in Norway. New hopes, new ideas and new opportunities. Wish you to embark on new adventures.

The Viking Planet,Viking History,Oslo,Norway

The Viking Planet - A Journey back in time

Norway’s first interactive entertainment center will open 21st June 2019 in Oslo. Here you can achieve many unique experiences based on viking heritage, and learn about the Vikings in a new way. From around A.D. 800 to the 11th century, a vast number of Scandinavians left their homelands to seek their fortunes elsewhere. These seafaring warriors and traders really leaved their mark around the world. 

Social media report 2012 Nielsen

State of the Media: The Social Media Report 2012 - Nielsen

Social media is coming of age. Since the emergence of the first social media networks some two decades ago, social media has continued to evolve and offer consumers around the world new and meaningful ways to engage with the people, events and brands that matter to them. Now, years later, social media is still growing rapidly, becoming an integral part of our daily lives.
2013-01-09 Read more


Why Travel Explorations uses Pinterest

The first step in travel is to become inspired. By using the new innovating social media Pinterest, we in Travel Explorations visualise inspiring photos and give travellers quick insight in opportunities for unique adventures.
2013-01-04 Read more


The Maya calender predict 2012 - Catastrophere, awaking or just another normal year

Does Maya calendar predict 2012 apocalypse? What's supposed to happen in 2012? Is the date 21st December 2012 correct? Only time will tell whether 2012 will be the end, a new beginning, or just a year like any other.
2012-12-16 Read more

Why the World Didn't End Yesterday - NASA

2012-12-20 Read more

Travel Awards 2012 winners

The full list of winners announced at the Guardian, Observer and guardian.co.uk Readers' Travel Awards 2012.
2012-10-17 Read more

Top Internet Trends for 2012 - How will this impact the travel industry?

2012-06-01 Read more

Masai Mara, Kenya - Decline in the wildlife!

Continuing wildlife population declines and range contraction in the Mara region of Kenya during 1977–2009. This is based in an article first published online 20th May 2011 on the website Journal of Zoology, and it was published in the magazine The Zoological Society of London, Volume 285, Issue 2, pages 99–109, September 2011
2012-02-15 Read more

Social media will generate 50 percent of the Web sales in 2015!

By 2015, companies will generate 50 percent of their Web sales via their social-media presence and mobile applications, according to the research company Gartner, Inc. As context gains importance, analysts revealed eight dos and don’ts to leveraging context-enriched mobile applications in customer relationship management (CRM) to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.
2012-02-14 Read more

The Future of Travelling - Top Social Media Options for Tour Operators!

2012-01-10 Read more

Google Pluss, Google+ - Social media for the future!

2012-01-05 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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