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Submission articles

Guidelines, terms, conditions and benefits for journalists and photographs!

We would like to get more travel-related exciting stories, articles and wonderful photos from around the world.

Here we present our guidelines for writing, terms and conditions for submissions, benefits for submitting, and benefits for they who contribute to our website.
The background for foundation of Travel Explorations is:

- Be a counterpart to all "reproduced information" covered in global media about well-known cities as London, Barcelona, Paris etc, and instead make people understand that our world is bigger than this.

Our aim is therefore to visualize untouched and unknown places for for unique adventures. 

- Be a counterpart to all the negative cover in global media about places and incidents around the world

Of course travelling could be risky. In general we would like travellers to think positive about the places around the world, but they also need to consider negative aspects of their tours. In most cases we believe that travellers will find places enjoyable and people nice.

Guidelines for writing
Travel Explorations` target group are experienced backpackers and adventure travellers. We like to catch their "heart and soul" in travelling. How can you as a traveller write an article which is interesting for our website and readers?

Some general questions you might ask yourself when writing an article for us:

  • What are related to travelling? Our main travel-related themes are destinations with ancient sites, unique and unspoilt places, exotic tribes, wildlife and nature, mysteries, extreme sport, explorers and adventurers, explorations and discoveries, trends and travel advise (safety, equipment etc).
  • Why did you go there?
  • What was the highlight? What was your most interesting experience? We like travel tales mainly based on own experiences filled with strong passion including elements as inspiring, enjoyable, pioneering, exciting, interesting and useful
  • In what way did you and your travel team (group) prove yourself outstanding? It could be a challenging tour consisting elements of unique adventures (courage, determination and performance), pioneering, explorations (new insight) and discoveries
  • What makes this place/adventure unique?
  • How have cultural elements as nature, arts, history or religion shaped this society?
  • Why should other people go there?

Make your story personal and lively. Use only general information as background information for putting your story in a frame.

Additional guidelines are: 

  • Headings and ingresses: should draw attention, be clear and interesting
  • End of the articles: should contain an conclusion, encouragement or engaging question related to the heading and ingress
  • Language: British English
  • Most travel tales and feature articles are between 1,000 and 1,500 words. Longer articles might be split into multiple parts.
  • Submission of articles is preferred accompanied by photographs, but not it's not a absolute claim
  • Some of the photos related to travel tales should include photographs of people involved in activities, both of the travellers and the people they are meeting on their way
  • Photos are preferred in JPEG format and edited (250 pixels wide)

Terms and conditions
We in Travel Explorations appreciate all contribution of articles and photos from travellers around the world. All articles and photos accepted by us will be published on our website.

People who want to contribute to Travel Explorations should be beware of the following:

  • They must not give an impression that they are representing us without a formal clarification from us.
  • They who are presented as contributors (authors/journalists) on our website on the Press Room menu is not representing Travel Explorations if it's not especially stated in the presentations or other places
  • We will consider earlier published articles in other media if it's not in conflicts with other media`s rights and we find the subject interesting. In such cases we expect that the article(s) is especially formed to be used on our website.

By submitting your articles, photographs and video clips to Travel Explorations, you should be aware of the following:

  • You agree to allow us the right to publish your material on our web site for a period
  • You will retain full copyrights over your original work
  • Some parts of your work might be edited for publishing. Most travel tales and feature articles on our website are between 1,000 and 1,500 words. If your articles are longer you must agree that they could be split into multiple parts
  • If copyrights to any of your material on our website are sold, or if you simply no longer want your material to be available on our website, we will remove it at your request
  • Any material used on our website have to be owned by its creator
  • You need to accept that related advertises can be added to your articles, but it will not under any circumstances be direct linked to your articles and photos without a written acceptance from you
  • We normally don't pay for any submitted material

Benefits for contribution

These are the benefits we offer you for submitting materiel to our website:

  • You will be presented in the end of the article(s) - name, e-mail address, relevant links, text and photo
  • You will be fully presented with contact details on the menu "Press Room" on our site. Anyone who wants you to do a job for them can contact you directly.
  • You are welcome to use your published work on our website as a reference for own promotion
  • All requests regarding buying your material, you will be contacted by us
  • Assist your pursuit of a successful writing and/or photography career

All proposals of articles and other material will be carefully evaluated. We will keep to right to reject proposals which are not well prepared, uninterested subject, unsolicited content, or for other reasons.

We are eager to get more travel related articles and stories. If you would like to submit articles, photographs, video clips or to contribute in any way to Travel Explorations, please email us at Stein@TravelExplorations.com.

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Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

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