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The Republic of Finland is one of the Nordic countries. The country is inhabited of people with unique charm and guts that themself are a genuine tourist attraction.

Rokua, Finland - Adventures in the northernmost UNESCO Geopark in the world!

Rokua Geopark,Finland

The Rokua Geopark offers an unique combination of geology, nature and culture on the Northern hemisphere not far away from the Arctic Circle. Here we travelled through landforms shaped by the Ice Age: glacial ridges, pine and lichen-clad heaths, kettle holes and small ponds filled with crystal clear water.

Photo. Rokua Geopark is characterised by shapes and colours that was created from old time. © Travel Explorations.

Trekking in the park was real exciting. The Rokua esker field, which originated from the Muhos Formation located in the River Oulujoki Valley, runs across the area from River Oulujoki valley to Rokua esker and dune area, through Lake Oulujärvi to Manamansalo. In addition to the geology, the areas are also connected by the prehistory of the people who followed the withdrawal of the ice sheet and sea.

Ancient geologic changes have moulded the Rokua area into an unique site in terms of landform, flora, fauna and people. Rokua Geopark is Finland’s first and the most northern site in the world included in an international network of unique geologic sites. It is an official UNESCO Geopark and relates the story of the most recent Ice Age – when the melting ice and receding sea shore shaped the landscapes of Rokua, Lake Oulujärvi and Oulujoki River valley.

Summer is a beautiful time when you can enjoy the clean nature and beautiful landscape of Rokua by biking, trekking or paddling. On our way we admirer Rokua’s white lichen, clusters of old pine trees and numerous little lakes. The area offers activities for everyone, whether you seek for a quiet moment, enjoy the beauty of the nature, picking berry and mushroom, swimming, cross-country skiing, geocaching and hiking.

Rokua National Park is rather small and can be explored on foot. The Pooki Trail (5.3 km), an excellent day-trip destination, circles the beautiful Lake Pitkäjärvi and takes you to the handsome old-growth pine forest and finally onto the summit of Pookivaara Hill. The trail links to the Rokua area's wide network of trails. The trails range from easy to challenging. The Keisarinkierros Trail (the Emperor's Trail) (20.6 km) is suitable if your trip incorporates an overnight stay and takes you to the most prominent sights in the area, such as Pookivaara Hill and Syvyydenkaivo (meaning "well of the depths"), which is one of the deepest kettle-hole ponds in Finland. Its area is the largest of the kettle-hole ponds in Finland.

Watch more photos from our tour on our travel guide Finland Adventure Travel on Facebook.

The park promotes sustainable development, tourism and natural sciences education. Based on information from the website Rokua Geopark, the area tells the story of a prehistoric settlement of the human being and of the ever since flourishing culture. Among the UNESCO Global Geoparks, Rokua Geopark opens a new northern dimension and an interesting geology starting from 2,6 billion years ago. Area’s special arctic character, long winter and Finnish traditions make it interesting for diverse visitors to experience. During the winter months, in the middle of a snowy landscape and frozen lakes, you are able to get a touch of a way of life and scenery of the ice age.

Stein Morten Lund, 5th July 2016

Addtional information
Plan and book your Rokua Geopark vacations including hotels, lodging and condos. You can also see Rokua web cams, photos, snow reports, live weather and everything else to help plan your Rokua Geopark vacation on the Official site for Rokua Geopark in Finland.

Rokua Geopark
Information center Suppa
Jaakonjärventie 2,
91670 Rokua
E-mail: info@rokuageopark.fi
Phone (08) 554 5500


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