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Video Clips
Here we present video clips from great adventures around the world!

Video clips from adventure tours around the world!

You always face challenges when you are travelling, sometimes small and sometimes big. Sometimes it really turns you on as you can see on our video clips.

These video clips are from our and others adventure tours around the world.The only thing you can expect is the unexpected! You don`t believe it before you have seen it!


The world is bigger than you think! Humans` explorations of earth leads to the most amazing adventures. Neither words, photograps nor films do the world`s places justice - they must been seen, heard and touched. So we hope these video clips would give you some inspirations for more adventures.


Download Windows Media Player

You need Windows Media Player 9.0 (link goes to Microsoft.com) or some similar programme for viewing the clips below. Download (Window Media Player) for FREE.     

Selected own produced videos (copyright Travel Explorations):

Video Clip Name

Start (click on the link)

Dancing the brutal Choopy-dance with the Qashqai (nomads in Iran) - the world`s most brutal dance

Qashqai Choopy dance

Dancing Choopy with the Lors (nomads in Iran) - the world`s most brutal danceLor Choopy dance

Encountering an Anaconda in the Amazon jungle

Coming soon!

Wild dancing with the Indians in Peru

Coming soon!

Meeting the Mud Men in Papua New Guinea

Mud Men

Exploration of Machu Picchu  
Vajas - concert in PragueVajas - Concert clip
A Bedouin from Jordan, Ibrahim, sings the Liverpool-song You`ll Never Walk Alone

Never Walk alone - Bedouin

Lawrence of Arabia and the Arabs conquering of AqabaLawrence of Arabia dramatic
Santa Claus dances the Norwegian Støveldance - the Boot DanceSanta Claus - the Stovel Dance

Attacked by the Yeti (bigfoot) on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Cooming soon!

The cart ruts in Malta - The enigma of prehistory!

Exploring the Cart Ruts in Malta

Look up for the Mud Men if you venture to the world`s last frontier, Papua New Guinea!

They are emerged as evil looking spirits from the dense jungle. Next time it could be you they surprise! Good luck!


Selected videos from other producers:


Video Clip Name

Start (click on the link)

Dramatic scenes from climbing Mount Everest


Wild acrobatic stunts on skiing

(Norwegian extreme skiers)


More films.......

Coming soon!

We in Travel Explorations will be at your service for producing inspiring and interesting video films. For example it could be travel companies which like to promote their tours through video films. Based on our own and others film material we can design, edited and make films sutaible for many purposes. We will also be available for filming services (assignments) where we can catch the soul of travelling.



Travel Explorations 

Stein Morten Lund

E-mail: stein@travelexplorations.com

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Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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