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Exploration News

Global travel guide and travel agent! We cover untouched destinations, exotic tribes, mysteries, wildlife, extreme sport, unique expeditions and great discoveries. Be inspired and book your adventure tours here!

Mashco Piro tribe Peru Amazonas

Mashco Piro tribe in the Peruvian Amazon observed again

Extraordinary new images released 16th July 2024 show dozens of uncontacted people in the Peruvian Amazon, just a few miles from a number of logging concessions. The organisation Survival International encourage people to ask the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to cancel its certification of the logging company called Canales Tahuamanu. 

Stone Age,Kastelli,Pattijoki,Finland,travel,oulu

Oulu, Finland - Unexplored places and mysteries

For those seeking adventure, the region of Oulu feature several unexplored places and mysteries. Experiencing this is a profound adventure that combines natural beauty, historical intrigue, and personal reflection. 

Pink Floyd - Best cover versions ever

Pink Floyd - Best cover versions ever

Pink Floyd's music has been covered by many artists across various genres, resulting in some remarkable renditions. I stay true to the originals, but some innovative interpretations can be quite refreshing. I found several tributes that added a unique twist and at the same time maintained the spirit of the original songs.

Memorial stone on Oak Island - Stein Morten Lund

Oak Island mystery, Halifax, Canada - What is going on now in 2024?

Exploration of the big mystery on Oak Island started for over 200 years ago and it still goes on. Nestled in Halifax, Canada, this island is home to one of the world's most enduring mysteries, famously known as "The Money Pit." 

The Beatles - Best covers ever

The Beatles - Best cover versions ever

Choosing the best cover of a Beatles song is highly subjective, but several covers have achieved significant acclaim over the years. In preparation for an upcoming concert by Det Betales, a Beatles tribute band from Norway, I have created a playlist of my favorite tribute songs. 

Use of ai tools for travel writing

Media Statement - Use of AI - Artificial intelligence - in articles and stories

AI is revolutionizing the creation of content, advertisements, websites, text, images, videos, and more. At our global travel guide, Travel Explorations, we believe transparency is key to building trust. That's why we are open about our use of AI tools. These tools help us to generate ideas, conduct research, enhance content, and improve writing efficiency. 

Perast, Montenegro - Our Lady of the Rocks

Perast, Montenegro - Our Lady of the Rocks

The island’s growth is surrounded by mystery. It is said that the island was initially a small rock in the sea, and over the centuries it has been extended based of shipwrecks filled with stones. What is really the truth about building this island over such a long period?

Useful AI apps for adventure travellers

Useful AI apps for adventure travellers

AI apps serve as their trusted companions, turning potential challenges into opportunities for deeper exploration. Today the modern travel adventurer uses AI - artificial intelligence – for planning, navigation and mapping, climbing and mountaineering, wild life, cultural insight, safety and emergency. Which are the most useful go-to-apps?

The walls of Kotor, Montenegro

The walls of Kotor, Montenegro - Amazing Venetian works of defence

Wandering around Kotor Old Town and the mountain behind it, Kotor’s walls have guarded this well-preserved city since the Middle Ages. The construction of the walls began in the 9th century and continued through the Venetian period until the 19th century. They were built to protect the town from invasions and attacks.

Mausoleum on Mount Lovćen, Montenegro

Mausoleum on Mount Lovćen, Montenegro - a final resting place for Njegoš

The mausoleum is not only a final resting place for the prince-bishop, poet, and philosopher Njegoš, but also a symbol of Montenegrin identity and pride. It represents the power and spirit of the Montenegrin people. It also has a historical significance, architectural beauty, and stunning views.

Lipa cave Montenegro

Lipa cave, Montenegro - A journey to another world

Dived into one of the Earth's mysterious depths, the wild Lipa cave. Its combination of stunning formations, narrow passages and vast chambers, with crystal-clear underground pools and walls glistening with moisture, gave me a feeling of entering another world. 

Fort Lovrigenac,Dubrovnik - Game of the Thrones

Dubrovnik, Croatia - Locations where Game of Thrones was filmed

Walked through some of the locations where an episode in this TV series was filmed. Dubrovnik served as a primary filming location for King's Landing. Here the dramatic surroundings were just perfect with stunning architecture, historic landmarks, and breathtaking coastline. 

Kristin Harila

Kristin Harila launches collaboration with Baker Perry to maintain Mount Everest Weather Stations and on Clean-Up Campaign

Kristin Harila and climate scientist Baker Perry will collaborate on upcoming maintenance weather stations on Mount Everest, including one at the Bishop Rock, located at approximately 8,810 meters above sea level and only 40 m below the summit. 


Dubrovnik old town Croatia

Old Town Dubrovnik - Journey through time

This beautiful city is located on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Experienced the city's rich history, walls, churches, stunning beauty, thriving culinary scene, natural wonders, and energetic party life. 


Newgrange, Ireland - Enduring mystery

Newgrange, Ireland - Enduring mystery

Newgrange's alignment with the winter solstice suggests a deeper purpose than just a tomb, but other mysteries connected to the monument need to been considered to get the whole picture and solving the mystery behind the world`s probably oldest freestanding structure. 


Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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