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Exotic Tribes
Be a responsible traveller. Show tribal people respect and meet them on their premises. Visiting people with a different lifestyle and culture could sometimes be a very rewarding adventure, but be aware of that many tribal communities are extremely vulnerable to outside influences. All tribal people need to be protected from tourists in order to preserve their unique lifestyle and cultures. Travellers should understand that some tribes would like to live undisturbed, and that visit would be an intrusion.

Dramatic crocodile hunting in Papua New Guinea!

We were joining the disreputable Insect tribe on a crocodile hunt in the late evening. Help, what are we going to do? The spear broke immediately, and the big crocodile rose from the muddy water, and jumped towards us........

Pyramid in Tikal in Guatemala

Mayan ballgames in Tikal, Guatemala – Were the winners or losers sacrificed?

I am sure that the Indians had many secret rituals in the past. One of them is the ball games. They played the game called pok-ta-pok or Pitz. This was actual a ritual in the Mayan society related to sacrificing, according to my local guide. And they sacrificed the winners. But it`s true?

Tribe culture of the Insect Tribe - Sepik, Papua New Guinea - Part 2 of 2

One of the most fascinating tribes who live there is the Insect tribe. Hunting crocodiles is their specaility. Joining them on a hunt in Upper Sepik was a suspense thrill. We got the ultimate adrenaline kick, but it almost ended in tradegy.

Tribe culture of the Insect Tribe - Sepik, Papua New Guinea - Part 1 of 2

The Sepik River region in Papua Guinea, especially The Upper Sepik part, offers a diverse tribe culture. One of the most fascinating tribes who live there is the Insect tribe. The hunt crocodiles better than anyone else in the world, but not without taking risks.

Berbers,Marocco,morocco,atlas,atlas mountains,village

Berbers, Atlas, Morocco - Living on the edge

Followed ancient Berber trails across the Atlas mountains in Marocco in July 2018. Travel through the Ourika and Asni valleys to traditional mountain villages. As I could observe and understand, they live litterary on the edge, both when it come to life and landscape. 

Isolated Amazon tribe captured for the first time on video

2013-09-25 Read more

Mashco-Piro tribe make contact in Amazon, Peru

2013-08-23 Read more

Photo. Dancing wildly with the Indians in Chivay, at an altitude of about 3700 metres (also displayed digitally on video). Here we see the fantastic orchestra.

Wild dancing with local Indians in Chivay, Peru

I really wondered what kind of sickness she wanted to cure me for. Did I look so sick? In the middle of the dance I was told to lie down on the floor. The Indian woman moved straight above me. Suddenly she lifted up her skirt and almost sat down over my head. Then I got really problems with breathing and I nearly lost my breath. And I am sure many wondered: what did I actually see under her skirt?
2012-09-30 Read more

Dancing the Choopy dance in Iran - The world`s most brutal dance

2012-09-20 Read more

Dramatic meeting with the Mud Men, Mudmen, in Papua New Guinea

2012-09-14 Read more

Rapa Nui - Rapanui legends of Easter Island, Chile

2012-06-26 Read more

Trobriand Cricket - A remarkable transformation of a tribes on the Trobriand Islands - Kiriwina Islands

2012-06-11 Read more

Papua New Guinea's Hidden Nun, from "Women of the World"

2012-06-11 Read more

Pygmies - The Children Of The Jungle

2012-06-01 Read more

The Mission - The greatest scene in the history of making movies!

2012-05-23 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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