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The Global Travel Guide For Genuine Adventurers!

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Company Fact Sheet

Company Fact Sheet

Travel Explorations - the website for the new generation traveller!
Brief presentation of the company
Independent global travel guide and travel agent! Our aim is to visualize exciting and untouched travel destinations around the world for unique adventures.

We cover also exotic tribes, mysteries, wildlife, extreme sport, unique expeditions and great discoveries. Just as they happen with strong personal stories, photos and videos. We are specialized in marketing solutions, advertising and target campaigns for promoting the travel industry.

Our organisation is dynamic and flexibile with high professional standards, which is focused on creating added value and achieve good results for our clients.

1. Contact information                                             

Company Name:  
Company model:
Company address: 
Telephone Numbers
Mobil phone 
Company e-mail:  
Private e-mail: 
Web site:    

Travel Explorations AS
Limited Liability Company
Benediktsvei 25, 1362 Hosle, Norway  
+ 47 67 14 45 23
+ 47 99 51 09 83

2. Management                                             

Managing Director/editor:
Chief Auditor Accountant:   

Mr. Stein Morten Lund
Mr. Stein Grimsbo, Samarbeidende Revisorer AS,
P.O. Box 1204, 2806 Gjøvik, Norway.
3. Owners - Stein Morten Lund
- Geir Moen
- Martin Nygård
- Lucia Egan
4. Registration, partnerships and affiliations:                                             

* Registration:

- Brønnøysundregistrene, Foretaksregisteret,
8910 Brønnøysund.
- Company no (the Norwegian Industry Register Office):
NO 882 227 642  
- Tax Office: Bærum ligningskontor,
Bærum County in Sandvika.
* Business partners - Reiseliv (www.Reiseliv.no)
- HopeTravel (www.HopeTravel.com)
* Affiliations - Amazon (www.Amazon.com)
- PRT Travel (www.Prttravel.net)
5. Authorize Bank

- Sparebank1, Gudbrandsdalen, 2640 Vinstra, Norway (www.sparebank1.no).

- Account of: Travel Explorations AS.
- More detailed information would be given based on requests.

6. Web host and publishing tool from CustomPublish AS, P.O. Box 306, 9189 Skjervøy (www.custompublish.com).





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Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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