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What we could do for travel companies and media

Welcome to Travel Explorations` Press Room with the latest press information and photo downloads. Please feel free to download any of these following files for press-related purposes in the sub menu Press Releases.

In our Press Room you can keep yourself updated with Travel Explorations` continuously journey in explorations and discovery, developing of new products and services, making business deals and partnerships.

Travel Explorations is an independent travel content portal on internet. We offer our website to be integrated with other company's websites or our content to be published and printed based on agreement.

Travel Exploration has a network of several experienced travellers and journalists who can contribute to travel companies and media by:

• Giving advice and discuss a wide range of features within the travel industry

• Providing articles and photos from exciting places around the world

See also the sub menues on the Press Room menu:

  • - Press Releases
  • - Media Coverage
  • - Company Fact Sheet
  • - Investors
  • - Media Plan

Travel Explorations` vision is to be at the forefront of adventure travel, and inspire people travelling to untouched and exciting places around the world.

Our global travel guide is a source for both national and international media who search for information or freelance journalists for writing travel articles.

All contact and contracts could be done through our edition or directly with the journalists. They are all available for assignments.

Editor Stein Morten Lund
He is an editor of the global travel guide Travel Explorations (www.TravelExplorations.com). He is an adventurer from Peer Gynt`s fantasy full kingdom, Vinstra (Gudbrandsdalen) in Norway. He has been travelling around the world since 1986. In 1999 a national Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, covered 7 pages about his unique adventures.

In july 2004 he was interview by the Norwegian national radio broadcasting NRK. In november 2004 his company Travel Explorations was in the news on the world famous webportal, ExplorersWeb.

Stein Morten spends much of his time inspiring others to travel around the world.

During years he has written more than 300 articles both in Norwegian and English.

Each year he does presentations and displays video films from his last tours. His e-mail address is: stein@travelexplorations.com


Freelance journalists

Here are some of our freelance journalists:

Michelle Lillie

As Michelle Lillie introduce ourselves: I have climbed to the top of Mt. Zugspike in Germany, ridden in the cargo storage of a bus for 5 hours through southern Thailand, snorkelled at Tortuga Island off the coast of Costa Rice, taken cover behind a couch during a street shooting in Istanbul, been struck in traffic for 2 hours waiting for a moose to cross the street in Alaska, .....

..... cover behind a couch during a street shooting in Istanbul, been struck in traffic for 2 hours waiting for a moose to cross the street in Alaska, seen a pet ostrich get stuck in a revolving door in Paris, fallen in love with an Irish boy while walking through a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Luxembourg, survived on $40 for one week in Turkey when my bank account got shut down, surfed off the coast of Kauai, ate pizza with the cardinals of Vatican City in Rome and inadvertently sat in the men’s section of a boat on the way to Morocco but I have yet have any of my travel writing published—until now...E-mail address: michelle.lillie@gmail.com

Jeffrey Murrah

He wears many hats. He is a counsellor with a practice specializing in dealing with relationship issues and substance abuse (www.RestoreTheFamily.com).

His first book, None But Texians: A History of Terry's Texas Rangers received the 2002 Summerfield G. Roberts award for the best book on Texas and Texans during the Civil War.


He recent ventures include, using teleseminars to deal with relationships, and writing two e-books, and publishing several travel articles published about his experiences. He is a sixth-generation Texan who lives there with his wife and three sons.

His travels often combine history, archaeology and psychology. Among his travels are treks locating the Texas Embassies in Europe, hunting Pictish stones, exploring Scottish castles and visiting Neolithic sites in Orkney. He can be reached through his website and e-mail Jeff@RestoretheFamily.com.

Josh Cutler
Josh Cutler has been interested in travel as far back as age 5. Growing up, he would spend countless hours reading and rereading the world atlas. While most other children played with Star Wars figures and Big Wheel Bikes, Josh's favourite toy was his globe. His country of origin is the USA (from the Philadelphia area). He currently lives in Ventnor, New Jersey.

His first travels led him to Mexico and Central America. Then, at age 25 he quit his job and spent months exploring Western Europe and North Africa. It was a life altering experience to live out of a back pack for such an extended period of time. As much as he saw...his hunger for travel and exploration seemed to grow larger.

Josh Cutler is an adventure traveller, photographer and freelance journalist from USA.


Josh's other passion was travel writing. He has had several articles published by Lonely Planet and Globe Trekker."My greatest joy is experiencing different cultures, religions and lifestyles...then being able to convey my visions through words and description to those back home."


Josh has visited over twenty countries including Peru, Morocco, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey, Belize, Guatemala and most of Europe. For further information, assignments, articles and photos, Josh Cutler could be contacted on e-mail: NYCutler@aol.com


Joe Gill

Joe Gill is a freelance journalist working in London, specialising in the non-profit sector, international development and Latin America. He has lived and worked as a journalist in Venezuela for a year, and worked in New York, travelling to Cuba, Colombia, Mexico as well as Turkey and Iceland. Joe`s Spanish is a work in progress. His next destination is India. Travel feeds Joe`s love of history, global politics and the mad connections you can find across the planet.

Joe is available for exciting assignments within travelling writing. He also take inspiring photos.

Read his article on our website about great adventures in Iceland: "Akureyri - in search of Puffin pizza".

Contact details:
Joe Gill, journalist,
London 44 207 607 4120.
(M) 07748597168
(H) 0207 6074120
E-mail: joegill00@hotmail.com

Per Henriksen
Per is a great adventurer from Norway. He has travelled in most ways and been to most places.

Per is also a journalist, photographer and editor of the internet portal Reiseliv - "Travel Life" (www.Reiseliv.no).

He is always looking for unique adventure around the world. 

One of his most interesting adventures was in South America. He has been trekking in the Amazon, and met Indians who live deep in the jungle. He offer presentations and multimedia shows from his tours. For further information, Per Henriksen could be contacted on e-mail: per@reiseliv.no

Note: They who are presented as contributors (authors/journalists) on our website on the Press Room menu is not representing Travel Explorations if it's not especially stated in the presentations or other places.

Travel Explorations` Press Room e-mail: Stein@TravelExplorations.com

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Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

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