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The Republic of Finland is one of the Nordic countries. The country is inhabited of people with unique charm and guts that themself are a genuine tourist attraction.

Taivalkoski, Northern Ostrobothnia region, Finland, Soumi - Adventures in the wild forest!

Near Taivalkoski in northern Finland I have spend my summertime during years to reload my batteries and enjoy the wild nature. There in the deep forest I found a true peace and silence. I have also experienced the magic of sunset. Actual it`s the midnight sun. In Taivalkoski I don`t have to think about time. I am really feel I am living!
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Finland,Soumi, forest,wilderness,Oulu,Rovaniemi

Photo. Sunset in the summer deep in the forest at a secret place. © Travel Explorations.

Here I can hear the silence and bath naked in a small lake undisturbed. That`s the Finnish way. One has to redefine the concept of time. This is a place where time slows and where I can rest after a several months with hard work. It`s so good getting away from the stress and do everything at my own pace.

Taivalkoski is a municipality of Finland, it is located in the Province of Oulu and is part of the Northern Ostrobothnia region. In Taivalkoski, you are at the heart of nature wherever you go.

The freely flowing Iijoki River lends colour to the barren countryside of Taivalkoski. It offers a peaceful way to appreciate nature and wilderness experiences year round. The local events draw their inspiration from the surrounding nature, its life and genuine experiences. Taivalkoski offers cultural events, beautiful countryside and wilderness fun for all, but first and foremost I will say a peaceful atmosphere.

Syöte National ParkSyötteen kansallispuisto park park contains old-growth forests. It`s means that there are plant species which thrive within the forest unique to that region, and would normally not grow if the forest had been logged.

The park contains rare animal species such as the golden Eagle aquila chrysaetos, or the Siberian flying squirrel pteromys volans.

At Syöte there are a series of forests, located at nearly 300 meters in altitude, some even contain bogs. In fact, a very large percentage of the Syöte National Park contains mires and even occasional springs.

Stein Morten Lund, 15 July 2011

Additional information

Tourist information for Taivalkoski:

Basic driving directions to the national park Syöte:
Syöte is located in Lapland and the Ostrobothnia region of Finland. Coming from direction Oulu, take road 20 past Pudasjärvi and drive about 30 kilometers. At the 30 kilometer mark there will be signs to the park.

Finland's National Parks: 
Get an overview of the best parts, driving directions, and videos on Finland Insider. What special features national parks in Finland offer, and what makes each of the 35 parks different. Find out which you may want to take trip to, for example Koli National Park.

National Parks in Finland locations from north to south of Finland:
Lemmenjoki -uppermost north
Urho-Kekkonen -uppermost northeast
Pallas-Yllästunturi -uppermost northwest
Pyhä-Luosto -northeast of Rovaniemi.
And more see Finland Insider:

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