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The Republic of Finland is one of the Nordic countries. The country is inhabited of people with unique charm and guts that themself are a genuine tourist attraction.

Oulu, Finland - the Arctic Gateway!

Christmas and New Years celebrations in Finland 6th largest city Oulu. Happy New Year!
With its population of 125,700, Oulu, founded in 1604, is the largest city of Northern Scandinavia. It is widely known as a high-tech city and a commercial centre.

To enjoy Oulu I did as I always do when I visit Oulu, goes through the small urban park called Mannerheim Park. It`s has a fountain made from rough granite blocks and many benches.

In the spring and summer Oulu comes to life and its many parks burst into colour. Especially in the summer the park is a favorite hangout for many inhabitants. The park is adjacent to the KELA (Social Services) building, and features a grill kiosk and a children's play area with rides and swings. The park was named after Carl Gustav Mannerheim.

The University of Oulu, with its many international connections and lively cultural life is the heart of modern Oulu.

The charming Pikisaari Island just opposite the market place is worth visiting. At the market place you will find several 18th-century barns, which now serve as cafes and restaurants.

Two very popular areas, Karjasilta and Raksila, just 2 kilometres from the town centre represent typical town architecture wooden housing and planning of the 1920s and 1940s.

Interesting places to visit near Oulu are two museums, Turkan-saari outdoor museum presenting 17th and 18th century life-style in the region and Kierikki, 40 kilometres by road 849, which features a brand new modern log building presenting Stone Age life in the village of Yli-Ii. The building itself is an interesting example of modern Finnish wooden architecture and the use of traditional logs in building.

In Oulu, the Arctic Gateway, it is possible to go ice fishing just outside of the city. This rather exotic fishing method has turned out to be very popular. First of all, we will prepare ourselves properly: winter shoes, overalls, bonnets, gloves and thick socks. Ice fishing trips are offered from December – April. The excursion may start directly from your hotel where our guides will meet you. We will move on to the ice fishing spot together with the guide – and the adventure may begin.

Give me that ice drill! Hey, it’s really 70 cm of ice here! A few drill holes for starters, a worm on the hook and wish me luck! Who knows, perhaps a whole shoal of perch passes by. Our expert guides will tell you about traditions of fishing through the ice at the Gulf of Bothnia.

Locations for fishing are Botnia-Marina, Virpiniemi, Kalimenlampi, Kivijärvi reindeer lodge, Turkansaari Island, Maikkula Mansion, Hotel Vihiluoto, Terva-Toppila Mansion and the Gulf of Bothnia in front of the Oulu.

Oulu City Tourist Office, Torikatu 10, PL 1 90015 Oulu, Finland Tel. 044 703 1330 www.oulutourism.fi

Finland is in Northern Europe and has borders with Russia to the east, Norway to the north, and Sweden to the west. The country is a thoroughly modern welfare state with well-planned and comfortable small towns and cities, but still offers vast areas of unspoiled nature.
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