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Extreme Sports
Here we present the ultimate thrills. Your adreline will rush.... Neither words, photograps nor films do the world`s places justice - they must been seen, heard and touched.

"The Last Great Race on Earth" - Iditarod - 2004 - has just begun!

It`s also famous under the name Iditarod and take place in Alaska, USA. But it`s more than just a race.......
2004-03-12 Read more

Mad skiing in Norway – see the fantastic video films here!

Some crazy Norwegians do all the tricks on ski you wouldn't dare to try. Now you can see their breathtaking stunts that both shock and perhaps inspire you too, but it's not without risk……!
2004-03-17 Read more

Paragliding world record

A British paradglider has broken the world record for an out an return flight.
2004-02-22 Read more

Philippe Goitschel broke the mythical border on ski

The French Philippe Goitschel beat Tuesday the 23 April 2002 the world record in speed skiing. He slide down the steep mountain hillside in Les Arcs at the French Alps in a speed of 250,70 km/h.
2003-12-21 Read more

Diving and swimming together with colourful fish at the Great Barrier Reef

One of Australia's many natural wonders
2003-12-26 Read more

Risky stunt on Mount Everest

Drove down the mountain on ski
2003-12-30 Read more

Incredible skydiving record

An Norwegian rocket in free fall Ken Hansen (31) from Norway dived out from the airplane's exit door. In 13 000 feet over Florida he soared like a rocket in the sky, and approached the earth in free fall.
2003-12-30 Read more

Rafting down the wild Sjoa River

The river which gives and takes….
2003-12-30 Read more

"Secrets" in the Oslo Fjord - Norway

An Eldorado for divers
- Artificial walls
- High and steep cliffs and mountains
- Wrecks from boats and ships
- Coral reefs and flourishing marine life
2003-12-21 Read more

Stunned by the fearless Acapulco Cliff Divers - Mexico

• 45 meters straight down
• Landing speed over 80 kilometres in an hour
2004-04-12 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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