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My quizzes is designed to challenge participants and boost their passion for themes they are interested in. I offer immediate feedback, use of different question types and competitions. Also interactive quizzes. Have a clear understanding of the questions and answers. All quizzes are meant to be a fun and entertaining. Enjoyable for everyone. The show must go on! The participants will stay relaxed, be themselves, laugh, and enjoy the experience! 

Quiz punk and new wave - Guess the artists from the song


Do you know which punk and new wave bands sang these songs? My quiz has 20 questions that will test your knowledge of this music genre from the past.

Photo. Guess my tune quiz within punk rock and new wave. 

How much do you remember about the most popular punk and new wave bands? Most of the songs in my quiz are from the 70s and 80s. Did you have short, spiky and coloured hair at that time? And did you associate yourself with this genre of music? Is there a difference between punk and new wave? Take my quiz to find out! I will play a piece of a bunch of songs and you guess the artist. 

With my music quiz I hope to engage friends, colleagues and other who might be interested in a fun way. Hopefully that could also inspire them to listen more to mind blowing hits from this age. Most questions need basic knowledge to answer, but some few can be little bit challenging. 

What defines punk rock and new wave music? 
Punk rock tends to be faster and more aggressive than pop music. Artists often performed their songs with shouting vocals with political and anarchistic overtones. New wave music emerged afterwards (or shall I say during the punk rock age) and tend to be softer, more melodic, and sometimes with danceable rhythms. Artists used here elements of punk rock, beat-driven, mainstream pop music, disco, art rock, synth pop, funk, and reggae. 

Ready to guess the artist (and song too) based on sound clips? Listen to the clips and name the artist before the timer runs out (I will play the song circa 30-60 Seconds from my Spotify list). Here are the songs (played from my list on Spotify).....

How many artists did you name correctly from the sound clips? In this quiz anything above 15 is really impressive.

Stein Morten Lund, 6th May 2023
Quiz Master
Travelling, adventures, music and movies

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