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Music & Dance
Here we present reviews of the most exciting traditional music and dance.

Liverpool, Mersey - The world`s greatest pop and rock city

Happy owner of the music magazine Mojo October 2018 issue, Stein Morten. Mojo presents here "The fab sound of Liverpool", and its includes the CD "Mersey Paradise" - see the cover of the CD.

Liverpool city has much to offer, especially when it came to music and football. Both have made the city world famous. Liverpool is synonymous with iconic music. The Beatles is immortal, but there are also many other music artists from Liverpool and Mersey who deserve to be experienced.

Photo. Happy owner of the music magazine Mojo October 2018 issue, Stein Morten. Mojo presents here "The fab sound of Liverpool", and it includes the CD "Mersey Paradise" - see the cover of the CD. 

For decades, music from Liverpool has taken the world by storm. The unique music and the pulsating life in the city is itself an major tourist attraction. Even the good old music from Liverpool is still alive, especially thanks to the magazine Mojo. Their covermount CD is Macca-inspired, as they have collected 14 classics of Liverpudlian pop and rock, including tracks by Deaf School, The Coral, OMD, The La’s and The Liverpool Scene. These tracks are both nostalgic and timeless. According to Mojo: "..... CD proves an abiding love for their hometown, and a strong sense of its otherness, runs through the work of many of these artists, not least that of this month coverstar, Paul McCartney". The Mojo October 2018 issue features also an exclusive interview with the old Beatle Paul McCartney, and showing photos of him taken at home by his daughter, Mary McCartney. And evne more: Paul McCartney tells about the release of his new album. 

Liverpoool city is the place where people have dreams and songs to sing - full of passion. Most of the music from Liverpool and Mersey is associated with the 1960s. The music artists here created their own unique sound. The terms Beat music, British beat, or Merseybeat become introduced after bands from Liverpool and nearby areas beside the River Mersey at that time. Those where the years the Beatles and Gerry and the Peacemakers dominated the Merseybeat scene, and spreaded their music around the world. The songs are filled with great energy, sing-along choruses and refrains. People felt quickly a strong refreshing immediacy to them. Imagine how it was when 30.000 Liverpool supporters were singing "She loves you" and other popular songs on the Kop at Liverpool`s foootball`s stadium. 

  • Watch the fantastic video clip when the crowd on Liverpool`s footballstadium Anfield sings "She love you" by the Beatles. This is from a BBC Panorama programme in 1964, on the day Liverpool won their first title under Shankly. The footage was taken before the match against Arsenal, which the Reds won 5-0.

In this great era of music from Mersey and Liverpool, people were singing Yeah Yeah Yeah around the world! The term "British Invasion" was introduced by T.V. reporter Walter Cronkite to describe the Beatles' arrival in the United States and the outbreak of Beatlemania in 1964. It was a big hysteria and wild screaming. Between 1958 and 1964, the Merseyside area had about 500 different groups, which were constantly forming and breaking up, with an average of about 350 groups playing concerts on a regular basis (source: Mersey Beat in Wikipedia). With so many music artists, I can understand that Liverpool city is a perfect breeding ground for music. And with a so fascinating city, I also understand where the local artists get their inspiration from. It has an unique atmosphere here that most be experienced. 

What can the music tell about Liverpool city? Music is really the lifeblood of the city. The music artists from Liverpool have a strong relationship to their city. They really love Liverpool city and express their love through music.

  • 15 songs about and associated with Liverpool (source: Signatures Liverpool). 
  • The 10 best songs from Liverpool, as chosen by The Lightning Seeds' Ian Broudie (source: Louder, May 2017). These songs are performed by artists as The Killing Moon - Echo And The Bunnymen, The Power Of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Dreaming Of You - The Coral, Oliver’s Army - Elvis Costello & The Attractions, and of course are songs by the Beatles and Gerry And The Pacemakers included in the list. These catchy songs got stuck straight inside people heads - not only in Liverpool, but all over the world. 

In Liverpool music and football go hand in hand. The concert The Liverpool Sound was held at Anfield stadium in Liverpool on 1st June 2008 to celebrate the city's year as the European Capital of Culture. The big star was the former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, who played in his home city for the first time in five years. 

Above the 'Shankly Gates' entrance to Liverpool's home stadium Anfield stands a big sign with the slogan "You'll Never Walk Alone". This is taken from the timeless anthem of Liverpool F.C., "You'll Never Walk Alone", which is sung by its fans before the start of each home game with the Gerry and the Pacemakers version played over the PA system. Liverpool Football Club embraced this song immediately and is now the club`s official motto. It has later been used by sports teams around the world and in other events, for example in schools in USA.

No other city has made such influence in music to the rest of the world than Liverpool. In 2003 the Guinness Book of Records declared Liverpool "City of Pop" due to the many number one records to have emerged from the city. Liverpool become awarded City of Music status by UNESCO in 2015. As we know from the history, the most famous band to have come from Liverpool is The Beatles who played many of their early gigs at the Cavern Club.

How strong and how has the music from Liverpool influenced the world? Read more on: Local sounds, global impact (source: World Museum - National Museum Liverpool). Beatles tourism in Liverpool has grown big, but also other places around the world people join to celebate the Beatles as in London, New York, Tokyo, Hamburg, Prague and Lithuania.

Liverpool’s rich and diverse musical heritage is well preserved. In 2008 World Museum Liverpool, established together with the Institute of Popular Music at University of Liverpool, the exhibition "The Beat Goes On", displaying the history of music in Liverpool from 1945 to the present day.

Liverpool city hosts several music events each year. One of them is the Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF)], evolved from the Mathew Street Music Festival, which was the largest annual free music festival in Liverpool attracting over 200,000 visitors to the City. The Liverpool Irish Festival is also held each year featuring mostly folk music celebrating the cultural links between Liverpool and Ireland. Liverpool contains a very large Irish population. 

The International Beatleweek event is performed in August each year, and host over 70 bands from over 20 countries and fans from over 40 years old. Previous year Liverpool city celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four’s classic 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

In the award-winning ‘The Beatles Story’ museum you can walk in the footsteps of the Beatles, and experience their rise to fame. It`s the world's largest permanent exhibition telling the story of The Beatles. You find your way to the museum at the UNESCO World heritage waterfront Albert Dock.

What's happening to music in Liverpool and Merseyside today?
One of the hitmakers in recent time is Sugababes. They had for few years ago a number-one UK single. The singer is the Liverpudlian Heidi Range. I can ensure you: this music sounds quite different than the beat music from the 60s. Below there are some sources for keeping you updated about new music and events across Liverpool and Mersey.

Sources for keeping you updated about Liverpool and Mersey music:

MOJO 299 – October 2018: Paul McCartney (Mojo Magazine)

Music of Liverpool - included a list of famous band from the city

List of bands from Merseyside (source: Wikipedia)

List of famous bands from Liverpool

Beat music from Liverpool and Mersey

Mersey Beat:
this was a music publication in Liverpool, England in the early 1960s. It was founded by Bill Harry, who was one of John Lennon's classmates at Liverpool Art College. The paper carried news about all the local Liverpool bands, and stars who came to town to perform.

Rising artists from Liverpool that you can’t afford to ignore (source: NME)

The 15 New Liverpool Bands You Need to Know in 2018

Find the latest music news and events across Liverpool and Merseyside from the Liverpool Echo.

All the new Merseyside music tracks for your May playlist. May brings a brand new wave of Mersey music for your ears (source: The Guide Liverpool; 2018).

A weekly round-up of Merseyside's music scene, with unsigned acts and the region's biggest bands (source: BBC Radio Merseyside).

Visit Liverpool - The Beatles Story - Museum

The Beatles Story
The award-winning ‘The Beatles Story’ is the world's largest permanent exhibition purely devoted to telling the story of The Beatles’ rise to fame. Located in the Fab Four’s hometown of Liverpool on the stunning UNESCO World heritage waterfront at the Albert Dock, The Beatles Story takes visitors on an immersive journey through the lives, times, culture and music of the world’s greatest band.

Beat Music (Wikipedia)


The 16th edition of British Hit Singles (2003, Guinness World Records) awarded Liverpool the title 'World Capital of Pop' because the city had produced more number 1 hit singles than any other city in the world. Read more about Liverpool, rock music, party life and football on Travel Explorations

Facts about Liverpool (source: Liverpool City Council)

  • Liverpool is a major city in the North West of England and is 176 miles from London
  • Liverpool was established as a Borough in 1207.
  • Area: City covers 11,160 hectares of which 1,000 hectares are a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Population (City): 470,000
  • Population (Liverpool City Region): 1.5 million people

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