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Here we present great opportunities for experiencing one of the world`s last wilderness, Norway. Read about how you can wander around in the country`s breathtaking nature and enjoy a wide range of outdoors activities that really turn you on!

Akershus Festning, Akershus Fortress – Norway`s most haunted place!

Blue tower,Blåtårnet,Akershus fortress,festning,Oslo,Norway

Akershus Fortress, Akershus Festning, or Akershus Castle, Akershus slott, is a medieval castle that was built to protect Oslo, the capital of Norway. It has also been used as a prison. This fortress is also reknowned to be the host of several ghosts.

Photo. The Blue Tower, "Blåtårnet" at Akershus festning, Akershus fortress. Akershus festning is Norway's best-preserved fortress and castle complex - a great place to discover Oslo's history and enjoy a summer day.

Akershus Fortress is full of amazing stories. It`s Norway's most important medieval monument, built around 1300. Its overlooking the harbor. The fortress is used today for state occasions. The Akershus Castle contains dungeons, plush upper floors with banquet halls and staterooms, and the chapel used for royal events.

I did my military duty at Akershus Fortress. I loved walking around in the beautiful sourundings and admired the old buildings. Many people enjoy their picnics there too. Especially I found the museums interesting: the Defense Museum and the Resistance Museum displaying the resistance movement during World War 2. Even I walked around there for circa 1 year, I didnt`t notice any supernatural phenonema, but according to legends there are several ghosts doing their best to scare visitors.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence and Defence Staff Norway (armed forces headquarters) have a joint modern headquarters in the eastern part of Akershus Fortress.

Akershus Fortress was begun in 1299 by Håkon V at a time when the Oslo had 3000 inhabitants, five churches and three monasteries. During the Christian 4 (1588-1648), a new major construction period, and the plant was largely its present appearance. Later, the fortress was local officials, prison records.

Today, Akershus Fortress covers 67 buildings. The area is the size of fourteen football fields. 900 has his day job here. Seven royals are buried here. In addition, the government stronghold local representation and a popular recreation area on beautiful summer days.

Swedish attacked the fortress 8 times without sucess. The Swedish problems can be understood. Akershus Fortress was constructed in a way that would make it nearly impossible for enemies to occupy the castle.

Garshol possibly buried a live dog at the entrance to scare away intruders. In this way the dog would become a ghost who could guard the area.

The dog called "Malcanisen" and it means "The Vicious Dog" (the Evil Dog). It is said that the soldiers of the fort was terrified every time the ghost appeared. The dog was buried in Maiden's Tower on the east side of the fortress. This tower was the old main entrance to the castle.

Today there are many who say they have seen a woman going back to a chamber in Magaretasalen inside the Akershus Castle. Without a face she emerges from darkness into a full-length robe. She is called Mantelgeisten.

Stein Morten Lund, 10 February 2011

Additional information
The chapel holds the crypts of King Haakon VII and King Olav V. Guided tours of the fortress in the summer, starts from The Information Centre. The changing of the guards, HM The King's Guards, happens at 1:30 pm. See also the Defense Museum and the Resistance Museum displaying the resistance movement during World War 2.

Akershus Fortress Walking is located just a 10 minutes walking distance from the city center.

Oslo Military, Akershus, N-0015 Oslo Phone: +47 2309 3917
Website: http://www.ak.mil.no

Royal places in Norway: Royal Palace, Bygdøy Royal Estate · Oscarshall · Akershus Castle · Gamlehaugen · Ledaal · Stiftsgården · Skaugum · HNoMY Norge

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