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Here we present unique adventures from the modern society and lifestyle.

The Kop at Anfield Road, Liverpool - Where emotions are magic!

Football is about emotions. It creates the atmosphere! Few places in the world can compare with the atmosphere on Anfield Road. Especially one part of the stadium lives up to its reputation to host the most passion supporters in the world; it`s called the Kop. In the match where Liverpool played against Hull it was fully demonstrated.
2009-09-30 Read more

Irleland has to be in the World Cup Final play 2010!

After being cheeted by the France national team, Ireland should be qualified for the world qualifing final play in South Africa 2010. It`s not any shadow of doubt regarding Ireland`s soccer hereos. They played so well against France that they have to play in the World Cup Final play.
2009-11-21 Read more

Ireland deserves to be in the World Cup Final play 2010!

I burried my heart at Lansome Road in Dublin. I have never been there, but I wish I was. The Irish players are the last noble players in the World. They are fair player who play with their heart and for their beloved nation Ireland. The controversial match, that was played on Wednesday 18 November 2009, has caused a diplomatic storm after French forward Thierry Henry admitted to illegally using his hand to set-up the goal that gave his team a 2-1 aggregate victory to seal qualification to the tournament.
2009-11-21 Read more

Irish national soccer players play fair - not cheating as the France!

The Frence national player Thierry Henry was in desperation because the Irish national team played so well. So what he did, as his team mate also did; took the ball with his hand. Two players took the ball with their hands, and the Irish lost even they played much better than France in both matches. It`s because Ireland is a small country. Even they are better the referee and FIFA say French is going further...
2009-11-21 Read more

Ireland - France - World Cup Qualifying - It has to be replayed 2009!

It`s because it was a fake! Ireland was definitely the best team. FIFA can`t keep out one of the best teams in the world for the Finale World Cup play in South Africa 2010. Ireland was 2 - 3 times better than the France team, but was cheated by the "God`s hand" of the France player Thierry Henry.
2009-11-21

Ireland - France - Hope for new a World Cup Final qualification play 2009!

Irish supporters still hope there is gonna be a new match. Even though the FIFA rejects Ireland's call for France rematch. There has to be a new match. How can Ireland be rejected after the fantastic play and the incredible atmoshphere from their supporters. I addition the French footballer Thierry Henry said that he supported a rematch against Ireland hours after FIFA officially ruled out the possibility of a replay of the controversial World Cup playoff game.
2009-11-21 Read more

FIFA rejected Ireland's request to replay its World Cup, but it`s impossible to keep Ireland away!

Ireland fantastic soccer team! All around the would football supporters support Ireland`s struggle for the world Cup final play in South Africa. They don`t like cheating, but FIFA rejected Ireland's request to replay its World Cup qualifier against France on Friday, while Thierry Henry said a rematch would be "the fairest solution" to resolve the furor over his extra-time hand ball that set up the deciding goal. Irleland is marching on!!!
2009-11-21 Read more

The Kop, Liverpool Fotball Club

The fields of Anfield Road, Liverpool - Touched by the spirit of the Kop!

A huge flag (roller) was rolled out on the Kop. It was just before kickoff in the match between Liverpool and Hull on 26th September 2009. I could feel the tension. So the Liverbirds on the Kop started to sing You`ll Never Walk Alone. Soon everybody on the stadium song along. It sounded so beautiful listen to the world`s biggest and best choir. Oh my god how the supporters could sing. It caused tears in my eyes and send shivers down my spine. Here I could really feel that I was a part of something big.
2009-10-07 Read more

Liverpool,Liverbirds Moss,Liverpool supporter club,Moss,Fetter Anton

Liverbirds Moss rose to big heights on 14 March 2009 - Watch the red singing birds on video clip!

Liverbirds Moss was founded this date. Around 70 eager Liverpool supporters participated on the foundation meeting at Melløs Stadion in Moss. After the meeting they all went to the pub Fetter Anton in Moss to watch their favourite Liverpool play against Manchester United. What a game, and what a start for the local supporter club.
2009-09-21 Read more

Speyside,Scotch whisky,Scotland

Whisky Festival set to breathe - Water Of Life into Speyside economy!

A series of multi-million pound investments in the Scotch whisky industry is helping Scotland to fight back in the middle of the current recession, while one of Europe`s largest whisky festivals is set to breathe the water of life into the off-season economy of Speyside.
2009-04-29 Read more

New edition of UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger!

UNESCO launched the electronic version of the new edition of its Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger on 19 February 2009. This interactive digital tool provides updated data about approximately 2,500 endangered languages around the world and can be continually supplemented, corrected and updated, thanks to contributions from its users.
2009-03-12 Read more

Speyside Produce Showcased at Whisky Festival Cooking Competition!

Talented chefs gathered in Scotland's whisky country last week competing to celebrate the Spirit of Speyside. The culinary contestants were taking part in the 2009 Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival's professional chef competition, promoting the region's most famous product and finest produce.
2009-02-26 Read more

Whisky galore at the spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival!

As Scotland prepares to celebrate the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival - one of Europe's largest whisky festivals - distilleries, hotels, restaurants, bars and events in the area are getting ready to serve up a considerable quarter of a million drams of Scotland's national drink.
2009-02-10 Read more

Albert Dock,Liverpool

Liverpool, England - The city I love so well!

Liverpool is the city with the big heart. Its diverse, energetic and exciting. This city has really soul. Being in Liverpool makes me always happy. The people is exceptionally friendly, and the city itself is beautiful. So I was not suprised when the EU council declared the city of Liverpool as the European Capital of Culture in 2008.
2008-05-18 Read more


Rondane, Norway – A wonderful Easter sunset in Peer Gynt`s Kingdom 2008!

In the sunset at mountain region Kvamsfjellet there were beautiful shining snow peaks all around. Especially the high mountain range Rondane was strongly illuminated in the sunset, and the colours were shifting. It created a fairytale atmosphere in the Easter. For Norwegians the Easter means snow, sun and fun!
2008-03-24 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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