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Here we present unique adventures from the modern society and lifestyle.

Liverbirds Moss rose to big heights on 14 March 2009 - Watch the red singing birds on video clip!

Liverbirds Moss was founded this date. Around 70 eager Liverpool supporters participated on the foundation meeting at Melløs Stadion in Moss. After the meeting they all went to the pub Fetter Anton in Moss to watch their favourite Liverpool play against Manchester United. What a game, and what a start for the local supporter club.
Liverpool,Liverbirds Moss,Liverpool supporter club,Moss,Fetter Anton

Photo. Liverpool supporters sing You`ll Never Walk Alone at Fetter Anton Pub in Moss, Norway. © Travel Explorations.

Liverpool beat Manchester United 4 -1 away. The roof was almost lifted. The happy supporters from Liverbirds Moss sung as they never had done before. "You`ll never walk alone" could be heard far out in Moss. Website for Liverbirds Moss in Norway: www.Liverbirdsmoss.com.

Football is about strong passion and emotions. Watch the video clip of the happy singing (source: website of Liverbirds Moss): Celebrating the great victory.

In the end of the video clip you can see a Manchester United supporter totally devasted.

Photo. Eager Liverpool supporters in Moss at the foundation meeting 14 March 2009. Red is the true colour and Liverpool F.C. is their religion. © Travel Explorations. Liverpool,Liverbirds Moss,Liverpool supporter club,Moss,Fetter Anton

Norwegians are crazy about English soccer. Several thousands go to England annually to enjoy football and support their favourite team. One of the most popular clubs in Norway is Liverpool F.C.

Photo. The members of the board Inge Eian, Håvard Skifterud (chairman), Lars Smith and Joar Pedersen did a great job to establish the club. All of the four are active in Moss Football club in Norway too. The webmaster Oddmund Karlsen is in the background. © Travel Explorations. Liverpool,Liverbirds Moss,Liverpool supporter club,Moss,Fetter Anton

Liverbirds Moss is the 20th Liverbirds club in Norway. The number of members has grown to 220 at the moment. The club is very active and the members frequently join to watch matches at the Fetter Anton pub in Moss.

Stein Morten Lund, updated 21 September 2009

Additional information
Website for Liverbirds Moss in Norway: www.Liverbirdsmoss.com
E-mail: liverbirds.moss@gmail.com
Website for Liverpool supporter club in Norway: www.Liverpool.no

Read about opportunities for unique adventures in Norway and other places in the world on our global travelguide Travel Explorations: www.TravelExplorations.com 

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