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Party Life
Here we present unique experiences from the wild partylife around the world.

Voodoo night in Riga, Latvia!

First we were blessed in church during a ceremony, so we took our way up as close we could be to heaven in Riga, the Skyline Bar in Reval Hotel Latvija. Here we warmed up with beer and strong drinks for the night, and admired the panoramic view of the city. Later in the evening we went the whole way down to the hotel`s basement and dived into the hotel nightclub’s mystical voodoo rituals. The party life in Riga turned us really on!

Photo. Voodoo lightening symbol in the night club. © Travel Explorations.

The Voodo has spread from West Africa to North and South America and the Caribbean, and now is also practised in Latvia. One thing was obvious for me: the Voodoo effects in the night club had an strong influence of the party lions spiritual behaviour. They all were in mood singing, jumping and turning around.

From grimy local haunts, to the city's most glamorous nightclub, Voodoo, Riga's New Town is a weird experience.

The Reval Hotel Latvija has managed to break the mould of hotel bars, bringing contemporary style and unsurpassed views to its 26th-floor Skyline Bar. It houses a surprisingly chic lobby bar as well as Voodoo. There's another batch of bars and clubs on Brivibas Iela and Barona Iela.

Voodoo Night Club is in the basement in hotel Reval, which is a landmark in Riga’s city centre. It’s a weird and fascinating club with all kind of voodoo symbols and lightening effects. Voodoo Nightclub is more than a traditional discotheque; the Voodoo nightclub offers music and live shows to keep you partying all night.

Photo.  Voodoo dancing in the late night. © Travel Explorations.

As we could observe, from the 26th floor Skyline Bar to the Voodoo nightclub in the basement, Hotel Latvija has entertainment of all kinds, including a lobby bar and the biggest casino in the Baltic countries.

It was interesting to look all over the city. Especially it was spectacular to enjoy the view across the Old Town or over the Baltic Sea. Here people can sit down enjoying cocktails or bar snacks in a sophisticated, modern lounge. The huge windows gave us an fantastic view of Riga. It can take a time to find a nice place to sit. Even though the place is pretty popular it should be possible to get a window seat if you show a little patience.

The nightclub is popular among more mature clientele, playing European and Russian hits. The DJs did the best they could in the discos to encourage the patrons to swing to the music.  The tiny and special dressed go-go girls heated up the atmosphere to the fullest. They could really dance. As the marketing slogan goes for the disco: every night till 23.00 for all attractive girls free entrance to Voodoo club!

Here it was witchcrafts, spell castings and magical ceremonies, especially when halfnaked, weird dressed girls danced in the smoky air.


It`s also good to chill out in the Vanilia Lounge, which serves cocktails based on Absolut Vanilia vodka.

In Riga there are plenty of opportunities for partying. The city is very popular for British organising stag parties. We observed some of the having a good time.

Party with the locals and visitors in the city's UNESCO Old Town, or make a beeline for the New Town and the current nightlife hotspot – the Reval Hotel Latvija.

The hotel offers 587 air-conditioned guestrooms, bars and restaurants, conference centre, and Health club with sauna and beauty salon. As their slogan says: The smile that says you’re more than just a room number. See the smile below:

Photo. Latvian magic - sacrificed human to a summon zombie or evil spirit? © Travel Explorations.

It is a lively African style club, spacious and a popular venue for tourists. They have a range of Voodoo cocktails here.

Actually it's not a simple night club but a complex. the Tower Voodoo Casino, the Vodka bar, the Voodoo discoteque, the Voodoo Nightclub.

The discoteque plays music from the 70's to the 90's, and fortunately not too much of the new house, rave and techno music.


Riga's core – founded in the 12th century, offers something for everyone: harbours Irish pubs, traditional Latvian watering holes, trendy bars, and boisterous nightclubs.

One of its newest and coolest clubs is Depo on Valnu Iela, with others along Kalku Iela pumping out everything from cheesy pop to serious house music.

Most pubs in Riga are open until midnight every day, although many stay open until 4-5am. Most nightclubs are open until at least 6am, but don't open their doors until 10pm. Riga is not meant for sleeping. Just rocking the nights away!

Stein Morten Lund, 2 April 2007

Additional information

We will the coming months publish several articles about Latvia.

Tour operators who would like to promote their offers are welcome to contact us on e-mail: stein@travelexplorations.com.

Voodoo in Reval Hotel Latvia
55 Elizabetes iela (D-6)
Nightclub 21.00 - 05.30. Open every day.
Disco Fri, Sat & Vanilia Lounge
Fri, Sat 21.00 - 05.30.
Admission: 6ls. Face control.
Website: www.voodoo.lv

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