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The Global Travel Guide For Genuine Adventurers!

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Here we give advice and inform about important trends in the world`s biggest industry - travel tourisme! Life could be so wonderful if we only knew what to do with it. Travelling is one alternative. Explore more!

Travel Explorations - Our way of using social media!

Our reasons for using social media and how to use it. It means a lot for both our target groups: adventure travellers and business partners as tour operators. Our webconcept Travel Explorations is now strengthen with establishing sites on social medias like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare and Google Blogger. We in Travel Explorations wants to be where people are! Our goal is to achieve a closer and a more interactive dialog with genuine adventure travellers around the world.
Social media,Travel Explorations

Photo. The image illustrates how we use social media to build company brand and achieve high quality communication. © Travel Explorations.

Social media is new marketing channel for us in Travel Explorations to reach adventure travellers in another way. Our most important question for using of social media and build our presence there is: How do we have conversation with travellers in order to build better relationships, and increase our rate of conversion (bookings related to unique visitors on our website).

Our way of thinking how to use social media!
Travel Explorations combine website and several kind social media, which increase the full potential of a our webconcept! According to Media Post in a recent survey, 59% of companies on social media have no social media strategy. We find it essential to have an integrated interactive strategy. Therefor we have worked out goals for and we try the best to based on measurement criteria. As we see it, the social media is the new order of the web. It`s become a medium for participation rather than a medium for one way publishing of articles. Here we see at new great market potential. When adventure travellers are in social media, it is natural that we go into these. So far Travel Explorations has its own profile and several integrated sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare and Google Blogger.

Some thoughts about how we use social media and looks for the future:

  • Integration of our website and several kind of social media
  • Integration of several kind social media, for example link between SlideShare and LinkedIn
  • Use of social media both through company and personal profile
  • Running several kind of social media based on the same concept, but used in different ways to achieve best total result
  • We have thoughts, targets and criteria for measurement for use of each social media as a channel for building brand and create an active dialog with travellers
  • Twitter is for short daily news, and Google Blogger and Facebook are for bigger news and longer comments
  • Facebook is for travellers (private persons) and LinkedIn is for both professionals and company (business partners).
  • Some people mean that social media is for establishing and developing relations, and not for sale. Our basic philosophy is to lead potential clients and business to our main site (our website www.travelexplorations.com) where they achieve access to our complete presentation, and all our products and services. We see the potential in using social media as an directly sale channel, and will continue to consider suitable solutions.

We will use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to achieve:

Better visibility on search engines like Google and Yahoo. It`s creates more value for our advertisers and tour operator partners.

  • Access to more potential clients, both travellers and tour operators.
  • Effective communication by broadcasting messages and one-to-one dialogue.
  • Engaging of travellers in discussions, sharing opinions, experiences and plans, recommending of places, finding travel partners and tour operators.
  • Sharing of photo albums, videos, news and events.

View our presentaion how we use social media:Te website sos_med_111011

We established our SlideShare channel to strenghten our brand and spread useful information. Her we achieve a custom look and feel for our channel. Collect business leads based on your content. And so far we have integrated our SlideShare with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn,.

On Facebook you can meet us on the Travel Explorations Facebook. Here we put out articles and news that for inspiring adventure travellers.

We also provide information through other Facebook sites as:

Finland Adventure Travel Facebook

Moss Norway Travel Guide

On Twitter you can follow us at Travel Explorations Twitter. Through Twitter we reach adventure travellers, partners, journalists and others in a simple and effective way.

We put out press releases, press clippings and links on social medias of interest to anyone who search for inspirations for their next adventure tour. Follow us! We promise a number of inspiring articles and information about exciting adventure tours!

Stein Morten Lund, 11 October 2011

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Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

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