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The Oak Island Story - Making of film!

Film movie production producers-agents alike: the makings of a real national treasure story is waiting to be filmed in canada. Native treasure hunter breaks treasure codes, a first nations story worth filming. The worlds greatest treasure hunt in Novia Scotia, Canada, is still going on.
Oak Island,money pit,birch triangle,halifax,novia scotia

Photo. Overview over Oak Island. What is hidding underground? © Keith Ranville.

According to information from Keith Ranville, Canada, 27 December 2008: for those that were entertained by the national treasure sequels, you may find this oak island mystery quite the interesting treasure story. The search is on for a movie/television producer to film a Canadian native treasurehunting, theme story.

The story began in Vancouver B.C, this is where a incredible adventure started, with one native mans quest, to unravel the greatest treasure hunt of all time. The year was 2005, this is when the treasure hunting journey; traveled east to Nova Scotia. To' where the legendary oak island money pit, was famously known to defeat all treasure hunters.

The oak island challenge was eagerly awaiting for someone to dis-encode some mysterious strange symbols, that were virtually unknown, to no known decipherments. The cipher turned out to be breakable in native understandings, this native cree code breaker from Vancouver, became the only treasure hunter to cipher the baffling 1803 oak island treasure tablet; that was originally found in the death gripping 1795, famous money pit.

This is a native story that sounds appealing to anyone's curiosity, as oddly as it sounds, this treasure story should be filmed on the principle, that there has never ever been a native treasure hunter, that anyone can remember, this is something that is truly original. The treasure story goes from Vancouver' to all the way across Canada to Nova Scotia; this treasure hunt is filled with adventure and excitement' a real national treasure story.

For further information on this treasure story, please contact the treasure hunter directly; keith_ranville@hotmail.com or visit his website http://oakislandtreasurenewsarchives.blogspot.com/

Producer's that are seriously interested in this story, please do summit a film request proposal to Keith Ranville concerning his treasure story: keith_ranville@hotmail.com

Stein Morten Lund, 5 January 2009

Additional Information
Ranville is a self-taught native researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver B.C, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery and began studying it. In October 2005, he relocated to Nova Scotia to investigate worlds greatest treasure hunt.

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