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Moss Norway Travel Guide. The Moss region in Norway is for genuine adventurers. It has a beautiful countryside, the ydillic peninsula of Jeløya, wooden hills and dense pristine forests. Moss offers an abundance of trails and paths, but most exciting is venture out on the off beaten tracks. Discover the Viking heritage and other historical sites.

The Moss Sunny Brown Biking Route – Pedaling for pints!

Following the sun on a bike, or shall I say navigating after the sun, I and my wife Sirpa came across some really nice brown places in Moss town in Norway. Cycling here from waterhole to waterhole, was done at our own pace. It was environmentally friendly and very sociable. The places we stopped at and passed were Alminna Restaurant & Bar, Riis Café, Brandstrup, Gudegården, Alexandros, Kontoret Bar, Tollboden in Moss with Tollboden Restaurantdrift AS and Peppes Pizza Tollboden, and Øre Villa Kro. Don’t forget to use the brakes. Keep the balance, and just stay on the road!
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Photo. Sunset in Moss town at the harbour area, Tollboden. © Travel Explorations.

On the Moss Sunny Brown Biking Route I and my wife Sirpa stopped many times to enjoy cold beer and talk to nice people on our way. We started first at Alminna Restaurant & Bar on 26th Tuesday 2011 in the centre of the town (Kongens gate 24), so we went on further and passed Riis Café, Brandstrup and Gudegården, Alexandros, and stopped for a while at Kontoret Bar, and so cycled to at the town’s harbour area, Tollboden in Moss, where we spend much time eating and drinking at the town harbour area, Tollboden in Moss. This was the most sunny place. So we took a long biking tour up to Øre Villa Kro, which was the last waterhole for us on this tour. All in one day!

When we decided to cycle around in the centre of Moss town, I assume we were little bit inspired by the Norwegians top bikers, the world champion Thor Hushovd and Edvald Boasson Hagen, who achieved great success in Tour de France this year, but fortunately we had no hurry on our tour, and our intention was definitely not to exercise our muscles.

Moss town is really top for beer-thirsty bike enthusiasts and wheel explorers. It could be a big challenge after a while combining cycling and beer, but if you take it easy you will hopefully stay on the road.

In the little cosy town Moss it’s so nice to cycle from one place to another, meeting people and talk, listing to good music and just soaks up the atmosphere. The Moss Sunny Brown Biking Route is a fun biking route to some of the most popular water holes in Moss town. On this day we skipped the places with no sun and no and boring music.

Photo. Enjoying myself at the first stop on the tour, Alminna Restaurant & Bar in Moss, Norway. © Travel Explorations.

Moss town is located 65 kilometres south east of Oslo, and is on the sunny side of the Oslo fjord. Its offer one of the best cycling routes in Norway, especially for they who like being out in the wild nature.

We chose a cycle-friendly route. In some parts of Moss, cycling can be physically challenging, especially if you go in the wrong direction. Due to steep roads and little bit rocky roads you need to take it easy, especially in the part of the town called Møllerbyen, the Mill City. It’s not necessary that your equipment is lightweight and aerodynamic, but it will help. You will need a small range of gears.

It’s better to use your efforts on drinking beer in the hot sun than sweating on your bike. I and my wife ended our evening with no thrilling finish on the bike. No competition. It`s for romantic, sightseeing and partying. Just remember: it’s not the like the “Tour de France”, it’s the “Tour de Moss”!

Stein Morten Lund, 26th July 2011

Additional information
The bicycle seat is a one of the best ways to experience the wild landscapes of Norway, also in cities and towns.

Go cycling in the Moss region: You can hire a bicycle at the tourist information in Moss: Tourist Information in Moss - Norway

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