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Amazing Places
Here we present the most exciting destinations on earth. The world is bigger than you think! Humans` explorations of earth leads to the most amazing adventures. Neither words, photograps nor films do the world`s places justice - they must been seen, heard and touched.

The Cities of South America!

Urban centres in South America are very interesting destinations to spend at least a part of your vacation.
Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil,Corcovado mounta

Photo. The Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. © Travel Explorations. This mountain also called Corcovado, is the highest of the easily-accessible mountains in Rio. On the top there is a huge statue of Christ with arms outstretched, which is one of Rio’s world famous landmarks.

Whatever your travel interests may be South America has many diverse travel opportunities. From exploring the ancient ruins, to outdoor adventures, to partying at all the hotspots, a trip to the continent will be a memorable one.

Listed below is a brief outline of the best highlights each capital city has to offer.   

Buenos Aires
With it’s lovely, tree-lined avenues, vibrant café culture, and bustling streets, Buenos Aires is the most European of all the South American cities. For travellers, the city offers a glimpse into the architectural legacy left behind from the colonial days as well as many delights distinctive to the area: the famous Argentine steak, tango clubs, and futbol.   

Called the most beautiful city in the world by travellers and inhabitants, Rio definitely lives up to its reputation. The city is nestled in between lush mountains and the ocean, an unlikely setting of natural beauty in such a lively city. The internationally famous beach culture is also quite an experience. Rio has the rare combination of natural beauty and a bustling metropolis, which makes it a popular vacation destination.

Lying under a blanket of mist and on a coast lined with sand dunes, Lima serves as Peru’s cultural and financial hub.  It is also the first stop on the way to the Incan Empire, a national treasure that attracts thousands of travellers each year. Compared to other South American cities, Lima is slower paced, making it seem more like a cluster of small villages rather than a rushed city. On your way to the Incan ruins enjoy dinner at one of many excellent restaurants, shop at an open marketplace, or stop by a pena for a drink and some live folk music.  

Santiago de Chile
Still recovering from the Pinochet dictatorship, Santiago continues to reinvent itself, which has resulted in a significant advancement in the arts, nightlife, and restaurant scene. Today it is a popular home base for excursions to Patagonia and the beautiful Lake District. Santiago makes lack the charm and sophistication of other South American cities such as Buenos Aires and Rio, but few places are in such close proximity to wineries, beaches, and the Andes Mountains.

Other Capitals of South America
Quito, one of the highest capital cities in the world (9,300 ft), has an interesting mix of colonial era buildings and modern skyscrapers. It is also only two hours away from cloud forests, glaciers, and the world’s highest active volcano. 130 miles east of Buenos Aires on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, lay Montevideo, which has one of the richest collections of architecture on the continent. Caracas serves as the cultural and financial centre of Venezuela, which is made up of Art Deco and postmodern architecture.

Because of its dynamic past, each city in South America has its own distinct cultural offerings and highlights. What one city lacks in sophistication it makes up for in natural beauty and so on, as travellers make their way through a continent still inventing itself while grounded by a rich heritage. Because of its long history, many of the capital cities have layers of architectural and cultural wonders of the colonial era, the indigenous peoples, and the ancient civilizations.

Michael Zurakhinsky, 19 July 2007

Additional information
You can learn more about South American destinations here.

About the Author: Michael Zurakhinsky is an editor and consultant of the www.AllAboutSouthAmericaTravel.com.

The website offers detailed information on travelling to South America, its beaches, weather, lodging, dinning, and more.

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