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Music & Dance
Here we present reviews of the most exciting traditional music and dance.

The annual International Beatles festival in Liverpool!

The World's biggest annual celebration of Beatles music, with 6 days of live music presented by bands from 20 countries. The festival features celebrities, a memorabilia auction, a one-day convention, specialist tours, films and a flea market. Who could forget the story of the world's greatest band, the Beatles? Be prepared for the big event in august!

Photo. The Beatles memory sign in Mathew Street in Liverpool.



The International Beatles Week Festival in Liverpool will be arranged this year from 26 to 31 August (2004). An estimated half a million Beatles fans will visit Liverpool city centre over the weekend with artists from as several countries. They will honour the Fab Four: John Lennon, James Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.


The Beatles started the real rock & roll music and culture that shook the world, and became a part of our lives and since then. The roots of the Beatles date back to Liverpool, England in the late 1950s. They are still a phenomenon more than 30 years after they split, and new books about them publish each year.


Based on my experiences on a Beatles festival it's so nice to walk around and listen to all the good old music. The bands from several countries play the music with high enthusiasm. People never get tired of Beatles music, and it's no doubt that the Beatles music connects people. The big fans have so much to share about the group: personal feelings, dreams and life experiences. For me it was a real social event where I had a really good time!


For over 10 years ago I joined Cavern City Tours in Liverpool on a magical mystery Beatles tour, where I visited many of the famous places connected to the Beatles. Many Liverpool landmarks and buildings have played their part in The Beatles story.


Some of them I visited were: 

·        Strawberry Fields

·        Penny Lane

·        The Britannia Adelphi Hotel

·        The Cavern Quarter and the Cavern Club

·        The Beatle Story Museum at Albert Dock


The Cavern Quarter, which encircles world famous Mathew Street, is a vibrant city centre area at the focus of Beatles history. It's interesting to visit the Cavern Club, where the lads played 292 times. You can also drink at Cavern pub and the pubs, The Grapes and White Star, where the lads drank during the early 60s.


Photo. Mathew Street where you can find the Cavern club where the Beatles used to play.


For they who like pubs with really great atmosphere, the Irish flavoured Flanagan's Apple is a must! You find this pub beside beside the Cavern Club, and here you will experience the best live music and guests with sing along mood.


The Cavern Quarter is also the scene each year of The Mathew Street Festival, the Great Britain's biggest free indoor and outdoor music festival. Next time the festival will be arranged from 28 to 30 August 2004.


The most recent attraction is The Wall of Fame depicting Liverpool's rightful place as the origin of more Number One records than any other city. Liverpool is the real "beat" city!


Albert Dock is situated on Liverpool's famous waterfront adjacent to the Pier Head, a short walk from the city centre. It opened in 1846, and has been used as a harbour for storing and shipping cargoes all over the world. Today redevelopment, costing in excess of £100 million, has transformed it into one of Liverpool's busiest and most cosmopolitan centres and a top heritage attraction (according to the website Visit Liverpool - www.visitliverpool.com). This 19th century warehouse buildings has been rebuilt into an award winning attraction, housing cafe bars, restaurants, shops, The Beatles Story, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Museum of Liverpool Life, Tate Liverpool, Express by Holiday Inn hotel and Albert Dock Premier Lodge.


In 2007 Liverpool celebrates its 800th anniversary. In the last eight centuries the city has played host to some of the most extraordinary events and people in the world. Those plans have seen the resurgence of the Albert Dock as well as a host of other projects, most recently the city centre's latest, and most ambitious, Ropewalks redevelopment aimed at transforming the city centre. Now with Liverpool's 800th Birthday coming the city has been named 2008 European Capital of Culture, and according to the arrangers the Beatles will be an important part of the big event.


The Cavern quarter is the place where it all began, and it seem to never stop! The Beatles is still popular, and will never be forgotten! So don't forget the World's biggest annual celebration of Beatles music, with 6 days of live music presented by bands from 20 countries. It's going to be really great!


Stein Morten Lund, 12 May 2004


Additional information


For more information, click on the link:


Cavern City Tours (owner of the Cavern Club): www.cavern-liverpool.co.uk


Visit Liverpool: www.visitliverpool.com/displayproduct.asp?productkey=16220


Albert Dock: www.albertdock.com


The Mathew Street Festival: www.mathewstreetfestival.com

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