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Beach Life
Here present the greatest experiences from the worlds` most fabulous beaches. Neither words, photograps nor films do the world`s places justice - they must been seen, heard and touched.

Stunned by the fearless Acapulco Cliff Divers - Mexico

• 45 meters straight down
• Landing speed over 80 kilometres in an hour
Just like Elvis Presley I had some great fun I Acapulco in 1994. It would have been nice to hear Elvis sing, and addition join Ursula Andres in a romantic dance. I met neither of them. This was just in the past in a movie called Fun in Acapulco, but anyway I was stunned of something that still impresses me; the Acapulco Cliff Divers.

Acapulco in Mexico wakes associations about blue water, white-sand beaches, beautiful sunsets and rugged cliffs. In my opinion the biggest highlight is watching the brave cliff divers of La Quebrada. Since 1934 these brave divers have been one of Acapulco's most popular attractions.

Photo. Sunset at La Quebrada.

In a romantic setting by the sunset at La Quebrada, I felt the adreline rose, not only because of the beautiful waitresses in mini shirt, but most because of the tension the renowned cliff divers created.

Photo. Hotel Plaza Las Glorias-El Mirador.

From the Hotel Plaza Las Glorias-El Mirador, I watched Acapulco's brave divers did their last preparation for they dive 45 meters dives down to the ocean. Oh my god, how do they dare? They must be crazy! It's hard to believe that they have the guts to perform these risky stunts every evening.

Photo. The Acapulco Cliff Divers on their way to the cliff.

Crashing against the big water waves I still wonder how these brave young men for from Acapulco for generations have ventured to throw themselves voluntarily off the rugged cliffs soaring out over the Pacific Ocean. These fearless men dive into a narrow inlet where huge waves enter and crash over the rocks. The timing of their dives is crucial and must be perfectly executed due to the dangerous water conditions below.

Photo. The finale countdown; 1 -2 -3 Go!

Photo. Diving from the cliff.

One by one, they "flew" out from different levels from the cliff. The last one dived from the top of the cliff. It was no turning back. They have to go whole the way. I started to wonder; how many of them will rise up from the water again? The breaking point was near. There were just two possible outcome: life or dead, victory or defeat.

Photo. So they crashed against the big waves….

So they "crashed" against the water waves in a speed over 80 kilometres in an hour. It was deep down in the dark abysses. Fortunately it was a happing ending. I could after a while observe that no one was missing after the dives. I was relieved. My pulse slowed down again. One by one, I could see that they climbed up the cliff again and later they came towards us. We applauded wildly for them, and the divers smiled satisfied back.

Photo. The real heroes - Acapulco Cliff Divers - except "the well dressed gentleman" in the middle (definitely not - I was just pretending).

Acapulco Cliff Divers, they were the real heroes for me. I tried to socialize with the heroes. I stood up together with them and shouted loudly out to the eager audience:

Here you see the brave cliff divers. You are welcome to take a photo! Do you want my autograph too?

The people laughed and shouted back: Why are you dressed? Sorry, we couldn't see you dive, could you please do it once more so we can take a photo of you while you are diving.

Then I found it best to shut my mouth for while. Hot sun, alcoholic drinks and exciting entertainment, drove apparently my imaginations too far, and I was definitely not ready for any hazardous dive. I replied with an impression of an innocent face:

Of course, I would like to do it once more for you, but unfortunately I have to hurry back home. My wife is waiting, and she is very strict!!!

Glamorous Acapulco more than diving There have also been other stars in Acapulco. Wealthy Mexicans, American writers, Hollywood Stars and European jet setters soon flocked to Acapulco. It was here that Elizabeth Taylor married Mike Todd, John F. Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot honeymooned, and Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Harry Belafonte and Baron de Rothschild became regulars.

Today, Acapulco is an exciting place attracting those who love to play all day and stay up all night! It was just what I did, but for me it was no doubt those who were the real heroes: the Acapulco Cliff Divers. By the sunset at La Quebrada, the cliff divers gave me an exciting experience. I had much fun in Acapulco without diving from any cliff. For me it was better to throw myself out in the water from the beach.

Stein Morten Lund, 6 November 2001

Additional information

Acapulco This Mexican city has everything for they who want to have fun. Many things attract people to go there: romantic history of spice ships and pirates; golden beaches, tropical jungles and lagoons; luxury hotels, hot nightlife. There are various museums, aquariums and a fun park.

Teotihuacán Some of Mexico's best attractions are only a day trip from Mexico City.just 50km (31mi) northeast of the capital. Teotihuacán was Mexico's biggest ancient city and the capital of the country's largest pre-Hispanic empire, boasting 200,000 inhabitants at its peak in the 6th century.

The site's main attraction here is Avenue of the Dead, a monumental 2km (1.2mi). To its south is the pyramid-bedecked La Ciudadela, believed to have been the residence of the city's supreme ruler.

Enclosed within the citadel's walls is the Quetzalcóatl Temple, with its striking serpent carvings.

Here you can admire the world's third-largest pyramid: the awe-inspiring, 70m (230ft), 248-stepped Pyramid of the Sun. The pyramid was originally painted a suitably sun-drenched, bloody red. The avenue terminates at the Pyramid of the Moon, flanked by the 12 temple platforms of the Plaza de la Luna.

Nearby are the beautifully frescoed Palace of the Quetzal Butterfly, the Jaguar Palace and the Temple of the Plumed Conch Shells.

Teotihuacán's most famous mural, the Paradise of Tláloc, is in the Tepantitla Palace, a priest's residence northeast of the Pyramid of the Sun. The site has a museum to help make sense of it all.

Formal country name: Estados Unidos Méxicanos. Area: 1.95 million sq km. Population: 100.35 million. Capital City: Mexico City (22 million people). People: Approximately 60% mestizo (mixed European and Amerindian descent) and 30% Amerindian (indígena - including Nahua, Maya, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Totonacs, and Tarascos or Purépecha) Language: Spanish; Castilian. Religion: 90% Roman Catholic, 6% Protestant. Government: federal republic.

According to Lonely Planet, Mexico City is the world's third-largest metropolis (only Tokyo and New York are bigger).
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