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Beach Life
Here present the greatest experiences from the worlds` most fabulous beaches. Neither words, photograps nor films do the world`s places justice - they must been seen, heard and touched.

Santorino -The truth is out there - Part 2 of 2

This Creek island is more than a paradise for sun and beach loving tourists. It has probably a history that is related to a great story in the bible or maybe more. Remains of the lost Atlantis? Origin for god and the bible? This article continues from part 1.

Is there a connection between the ancient eruption on Santorino and the Egyptian biblical watergate? Most people go to Santorino for bathing, sunbathing and relaxing. In 1986 I went there mostly for partying. Later I understood that the island had more "to dive in to" than I expected. It was not only the beautiful black beaches, the sunset, the hot bubbling water and the white houses that stunned me, but it was first and foremost the amazing stories about the volcanic eruptions that hit me.

The revelation
For me it was a kind of revelation to see the volcanic traces and relate them to other historical events. It there really a link? I could clearly see that no other nature catastrophe had a bigger impact of people life around the world. It was at this time that the old part of the bible was written, and later as we know turned in to be a global religious power struggle and big business.

Early in the evening I took my time to think more about at the sunset. First it was very lively around us. Just before the sunset I heard the sound of silence. The relaxed atmosphere made me fall in to the deepest thoughts. What kind of history do this island really hide?

Photo. Admiring the sunset.

We enjoyed the sunset combined by drinking and listening to classical music. Just perfect for romantic couples. I almost fell in a trance. It was amazing how silent it could be with so many people around.

Photo. The sunlight was red as the freshest tomato.

Immediately after the dark set the noise started. It was definitely party time, and we threw ourselves out in the wild night.

From time to time nature catastrophes have been referred to "gods will" by religious fanatic and power sick people. Based on thoroughly scientific researches it can be explained naturally. The eruption was definitely not a sign from any god. It was the Mother Nature own brutal work.

The bible: folklore, supposition or scientific?
Is the bible true or false? There is not absolute answer here. This question can be related to what happened on Santorini in 1450 before Christ and at the same time when Moses and his people escaped from Pharaohs men. Is it really connection here between the eruption and the big wonders in Egypt and other parts in the world? It was not from a helping hand from a higher invisible power. It was a real natural wonder!

·         Is the bible the biggest bluff ever in the world's history?

·         What stimulates people's mind most? Money, power, history or religion?

·         What is religion really based on?

·         Can history be studied in a rational way?

·         How would you react if someone told you that there is no god?

·         Is it truth what the scientific says now a days that life was brought by the Big Bang, and by not any invisible god?

·         Is the bible written of people who want power or people who couldn't understand the power of nature that time?

Why and how? These questions have been the driver for humans curiosity, hunger for knowledge and research. But with religion in the back of their mind: can really scientific explorations leads to rational answers?

Is there a connection between Santorino and the Egyptian watergate?
What do you suppose God did? Since I where a child, I have wondered: how did God make it possible for the Israelites (Hebrews) to cross the Red Sea, the Gulf of Suez or where ever it was without boats or a bridge? And why could not the Egyptians get across in the same way?

Photo. The Sphinx. This sculpture was very symbolic for the Egyptian well developed culture and power. 

The fear of God was in the Egyptians after the terrible plagues, which had befallen them by the Hand of the Israelites' God. At this time the entire country tried to recover from the catastrophic destruction the country has suffered as a results of the plagues brought by the God of the slaves.

From my bible schoolbook, I remember that that the sea opened up and it looked like a gate with walls between them. This was made available for them to escape the Egyptian soldiers from the Pharaohs army. So when the Israelites past the gate to the other side, the walls of the water on both sides collapsed, and the Egyptians drowned. But is it true? 

God caused a strong wind to blow over the water, and it blew all night until the water was blown aside far enough to make a passageway of dry ground over which the Israelites could march through. What a wonder! God certainly knows how to do things, doesn't he? Or was it something more natural, which can be explained scientifically?

For me Santorino was a journey in to one of the nature's many mysteries. I still wonder: is this the volcanic eruption that made the bible for the story how Moses and his people escaped from Pharaoh's army?

What is the truth?
I am not an expert. I don't know the truth! Who do? No one have the monopoly on the truth. My view is not important here. My reflections here made me even more curious about this mystical island. The conclusion is up to you. Find out yourself by reading relevant sources, but the most important is to travel out there: you have to see for yourself.

In the volcanic black landscape we had our hard time balancing on the back of donkeys. Sitting on the back of a donkey descending the steep hillside was an interesting experience.

Photo. Riding donkeys down the steep hillside.

Travelling is an important source for knowledge. Only by travel around the world you will be able to see the whole picture with the essential details. It's like a mosaic or puzzle where you had to put piece by piece together to fulfil it completely. You will see: the truth is out there. Santorino is probably one place where you can find deeper understanding of historical events in a wider perspective.

Stein Morten Lund, 25 March 2002.

Additional information and links
Search for more information on Discovery`s website.

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