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The Republic of Finland is one of the Nordic countries. The country is inhabited of people with unique charm and guts that themself are a genuine tourist attraction.

Rovaniemi, Finland - From Santa to wildlife adventures!

Rovaniemi is the gateway to Lapland and is a popular destination both in Summer and in December when thousands of tourists come to visit the home of Santa Claus even though it's still thousand of kilometres from here to the North Pole.
Huskies,dogs,Rovaniemi,Finland,Soumi,Santa ClausPhoto. Husky drives give you thrill experience in Rovaniemi.

Rovaniemi is the region for they who like to experience untouched nature and wild animals, enjoy huskies or ride a snowmobile through snowy forests or over a frozen river, enjoy the big show of the norterhn lights and admire the midnight sun.

Huskypoint is a family-owned private company operating in Rovaniemi, Ylläs and Levi. As one of the pioneering organisers of husky safaris in Lapland, the tour operator offers sled dog adventures for incentives, holiday groups and individual travellers.

Sirmakko is cozy and warm, genuine reindeer farm set amidst nature, which offers visitors to experience the traditional Lapland. Reindeers and the reindeer farm life tell a fascinating story of human life in the north now, and in the past, the livelihood of our families operate within the indigenous reindeer herding tradition of several generations.

Reindeer farm and visit the reindeer ride in the middle of winter are spectacular natural experience! Lasso them and accept Lapland ceremony and enjoy delicious traditional Lappish food.

Rovaniemi Tourist Information Centre Koskikatu 1, Rovaniemi Tel (016) 346270 Website www.rovaniemi.fi

Santa Claus Park Although Christmastime comes but once a year, in Rovaniemi you can experience Christmas throughout the year. Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland, is the hometown of Santa Claus who can be met on any day of the year at the Santa Claus Office on the Arctic Circle.

This Christmas theme park is located inside a cave 2km from Santa Claus Village. It's expensive and really just for kids with craft classes where you can help the elves make toys. There are also games and rides.

Arctic Circle, 96930 Napapiiri Tel (016) 333 0000 Website www.santapark.com

Santa Claus Village Historical records show St Nicholas as hailing from Turkey with Bari, Italy laying claim to his final resting place and different versions of the children's tale show Santa's home as being either the North Pole or Korvatunturi Fell in Finnish Lapland.

However the folks at Rovaniemi's tourist office will have you believe that he lives at Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle 9km north of town. The village is home to Santa's office where he works and the post office where the letter elves read and reply to his mail. Joulumaantie 1, 96930 Napapiiri Tel (016) 3562096 Website www.santaclauslive.com

Stein Morten Lund 28th December 2011

Additional information

Ranua Another option is going to Ranua, which is located 80km south of Rovaniemi. Many travellers either make a day trip to Ranua or stop here en route between Oulu and Rovaniemi to visit the Rauna Wildlife Park.

Ranua Wildlife Park, located 80km south of Rovaniemi, is home to around 60 species of Arctic wildlife including bears, polar bears, lynx, moose, reindeer and wolves.

Lapinbussivuorot (website www.lapinbussivuorot.com) operate a bus service between Ranua and Rovaniemi. Route 24 stops near the entrance to the wildlife park.

Rovanementie 29, 97700 Ranua Tel (016) 355 1921 Website www.ranuazoo.com
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