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Party Life
Here we present unique experiences from the wild partylife around the world.

Playing the wild rover in Dublin's pubs - Part 1 of 3

- O'Donoghue's, the Brazen Head, Johnny Fox`s
- Guiness, Jameson
- Pogues, U2, Waterboys, Dubliners
- William B. Yeats, James Joyce
- Jack`s heroes (soccer)
- Irish hunting ladies
Dublin is the place where you can live life to the fullest. For me it started with a drink and ended with a drink. As far as I can remember; I was happy whole the time. Nothing can compares with pubs in Ireland, especially not some pubs in Dublin.

An Irish joke goes like this (I am sure this is a true story): The doctor said to Flanagan; "The best thing for you to do is to give up drinking and smoking". Flanagan said; "What`s the second best thing?" .

Dublin City is the capital in Ireland and the home of Guinness. The city has some unique Irish pubs, as you can't find other places in the world. As the famous Irish writer James Joyce once noticed, it is quite impossible to walk through Dublin without passing a pub, not because Dublin is so small, but there are so many pubs around.

Photo: Having great fun at one of Dublin`s many pubs - O'Donoghue's.

The time had come to set my spirit free. When I walked around the heart of Dublin, I could see that Mr. Joyce had a point there. Maybe that was because it took me so long time to walk through city. But Dublin has far more to offer. There are interesting attractions all over. My first time to Ireland was in 1992, but it was not my last.

Photo. Serving the visitors from the top of the bar desk. Drinking the black beer As the Irish says; when good luck comes the drink comes. The time was come to order my first Guinness, a black coloured beer. We mingled with the locals at the traditional Irish pub O'Donoghue's. The bartender built my beer up step for step from the tab. Since I was very thirsty I wondered: why do I have to wait so long before I can get the beer (it took circa 5 minutes)? "Here we go, here we go…. But this is the certain way the bartenders make it to give the beer the best taste. This reminded me of what the famous scientist Albert Einstein once said: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." The process here indicates good service and excellent quality, which I absolute can confirm. They who wait for something real good, don't wait in vain.

Photo. I enjoyed a pint of Guinness without thinking too much of Liffey River, but suddenly I got a big moustache.

Before I tasted it I started to wonder why it was coloured black, so I asked the bartender about it: is this bear brewed based on the water from the Liffey River (the river which floats through Dublin)? Is it really a problem with the sewerage system here in Dublin (just kidding)? His eyes almost popped out. What a question, he said, and his face turned in to a big smile. Since the Irish people have really good sense of humour, I got an answer from "witty tongue". YES, that's right, he said!!! And still he expected that I should drink the beer. A thought strokes my little bit intoxicant head: since Ireland is so green, why don't they brew and serve green beer instead?

This article continues in part 2. Read more about experiences, pubs, beer and more. See also photo from the party life in Dublin.

Stein Morten Lund, 1 October 2001

Additional information Read more about Dublin's pubs, bear and the party life there:

Dublin Pub Review (Chris Zimmermann): http://users.powernet.co.uk/platinum/dpubs2.html

The real Dublin pub guide: http://www.dublinpubs.net/

Information on attractions, events and accommodations and more in Dublin: www.visitdublin.com

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