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Discovering ancient wonders and mysteries in Peru is a never ending story. The country is full of hidden treasures. Anyway the biggest experience you can get in Peru is meeting the friendly and hospitable inhabitants.

Peru, Amazon - Coex Amazon for hardcore adventurers 2008! Part 2 of 2!

The tour operator Coex Amazon is specialised in offering adventurous expeditions with an eco-cultural profile. It offers 5 different expeditions for experience Peru’s exotic and wild nature. We break through the jungle by river boats, on the horseback and trekking, tells the owner and manager Oyvind Wesseltoft.
Peru,amazon,tribes, indians

Photo. Ashaninka husband and wife. © Coex Amazon - website: Coex Amazon

Visiting indian tribes deep in the Amazon jungle - tour offers from Coex Amazon on the Norway International Meeting and Travel Fair, Reiseliv 2008 - from 10 - 13  January 2008. 

Tours can be tailor-made for travellers who want something special.

Some of the experiences genuine adventures can achieve through us are, according to Oyvind:

  • We take travellers deeply in Marañon valley to the lost but very idyllic mountain town of Chachapoyas. Here they can admire one of Peru’s biggest ancient wonders, the 2000 year old town fortress of Kuelap. The fortress of Kuelap, or Cuélap, associated with the Chachapoya culture, consists of massive exterior stone walls containing more than 400 buildings.
  • Visiting ancient traditional coca societies and now living coca-farmers in the Maranon Valley.
  • On the way to the Ucayali River – primary Tributary River to the great Amazon River - living in the high and the lowland jungle together with two ethnic Amazon Indian tribes called the Ashaninka and the Shipibo.
  • In Pacaya we take travellers deep in the Amazon jungle where they will get in close contact both with the nature and native people as the Yarina Indians.
  • Spending the evening in the Inca King's hot springs in Andes highlands.

The crew and I in Coex Amazon seriously respect that some native people would like to live undisturbed. In our encounter with native people we always strive for respecting their way of life and avoid the best we can to influence their lifestyle and culture. 

Photo. Oyvind Wesseltoft and the Peruan guide Damaso Guerra.
© Travel Explorations.

Øyvind talked eagerly to some of the many visitors on his exhibition.

Peru,amazon,tribes, indians

All our tours are based on the native people and the nature’s premises. For example many natives don’t have the same concept of time as people living in modern world. I don’t want to be the first to get in touch with uncontacted tribes. I believe that if intruders reach them, the natives will be destroyed for ever. It wouldn’t be possible to restore them after been influences by outsiders.

One of the reasons for that some of the tribes want to live isolated it’s because they have been misused and badly threaten in the past. Our travellers need to have the right attitude to native people. It will enrich their journey if they are open to experience the lifestyle and culture, and learn about how the manage to survive in the wild jungle.

Coex Amazon (website: Coex Amazon) is established and managed by a mixed marriage between Peru and Norway: Laura and Oyvind Wesseltoft.

Photo. Horseriding and trekking in the wild Amazon jungle in Peru - tour offers from Coex Amazon on the Norway International Meeting and Travel Fair, Reiseliv 2008. © Coex Amazon - website: Coex Amazon.

peru,amazon,coex amazon,jungle,natives

Oyvind is the expedition leader and general manager in Coex Amazon. He is Norwegian and with a degree in economics from the U.S. Oyvind speaks fluent Norwegian, Spanish and English. He started to travel to South America in the late 80´s and became so fascinated by the people and country that he continued to travel around, especially in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

The couples` goal is that "this world" shall be a source for personal self development. Their slogan is: A journey for life!

Their goal is to give travellers an unique and exclusive opportunity to co-exist in harmony between nature and humans; get close to wild and exotic nature and enjoy the company of fascinating people with little western influence who open heartedly welcome you into their mighty and mystical world.

On the tours travellers are guided by an expedition leaders and Amazon native guides. Peru is a country full treasures and mysteries. The best of all is the friendly and hospitable people.

Stein Morten Lund, 21 January 2008

Additional information
The tour operator Coex Amazon offers 5 exceedingly different adventure-expeditions in the mega diverse and authentic Peru, totally off the beaten tourist track, together with competent expedition leaders and Amazon native guides. Website: Coex Amazon.

Our global travel guide Travel Explorations will come up with more reports from the Norway International Meeting and Travel Fair, Reiseliv 2008, in Lillestrøm, Oslo, soon.

Watch photos and read reports from Peru and the Norway International Meeting and Travel Fair, Reiseliv, on www.TravelExplorations.com.

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