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Discovering ancient wonders and mysteries in Peru is a never ending story. The country is full of hidden treasures. Anyway the biggest experience you can get in Peru is meeting the friendly and hospitable inhabitants.

Peru, Amazon - Coex Amazon for hardcore adventurers 2008! Part 1 of 2!

Are you ready for exploring off beaten tracks in Peru? Then the pioneering tour operator Coex Amazon in Peru can offer you something special on its expedition tours. Coex Amazon attended the Norway International Meeting and Travel Fair, Reiseliv, for the second time. According the establisher and owner Oyvind Wesseltoft it’s so much undiscovered in the Peru, especially in the dense Amazon jungle.
Peru,Amazon,Coex Amazon,tour operator,jungle,indians

Photo. Oyvind Wesseltoft – Øyvind Wesseltoft and the Peruan guide Damaso Guerra represented Coex Amazon (website: Coex Amazon) on the Norway International Meeting and Travel Fair, Reiseliv 2008. © Travel Explorations.

Coex Amazon had a small, but inspiring exhibition on the travel fair. The exhibition displayed all what people associate with Peru: Inca sites, Indian tribes, amazing nature and unique wild life, historical wonders and big mysteries. Coex Amazon had also enthusiastic representatives on its exhibition, who had joined the tour operator on tours and were very satisfied with the organising and service.

Oyvind tells that in the late of 2006 the world's third highest waterfall was discovered in Peru. We offer also tours to the newly discovered Getones, an ancient city deriving from the Chachapoyas culture for 2000 years ago. Then you can feel almost like Hiram Bingham who discovered Machu Picchu. The town has more than 500 circular houses and is well hidden in the cloud forest near Pueblo Nuevo.

Photo. Learning from the Ashinka.

Experience these people`s lifestyle and culture is a merory for life.

© Coex Amazon - website: Coex Amazon


His mentioned colleague and guide Damaso Guerra is Shipibo ethnic. He comes from the tribe community Betijay in the Amazon low jungle by the river Ucayali.

Coex Amazon become established the 19th May 2005. Oyvind tells eagerly how much time he has spent through several years gathering information from small catholic churches and missionary stations in Peru to map possible routes for exploring off beaten tracks. He has therefore an excellent knowledge about pre historical Incan paths.

The churches and missionary stations, where he has found useful information about areas in the Amazon jungle, have existed hundred of years. The priests and missionaries have preserved information about areas in the jungle which the Spanish conquistadors didn`t reach.

Some knowledge is lost about areas in the jungle, so some times I have to guess about routes, tells Oyvind. On our most challenging expeditions travellers have to be prepared for the unexpected. Things will be changing whole the time, but that make it also especially interesting for those who want to explore the unknown.

Our expeditions take travellers through Pre Inca sites to current living tribes in the Amazon jungle. Those who travel with us are guaranteed that they are going to meet few or none tourists on their way.

This article continues in part 2. Click on the link for reading more: Peru, Amazon - Coex Amazon for hardcore adventurers 2008!

Stein Morten Lund, 21 January 2008

Additional information
The tour operator Coex Amazon offers 5 exceedingly different adventure-expeditions in the mega diverse and authentic Peru, totally off the beaten tourist track, together with competent expedition leaders and Amazon native guides. Website: Coex Amazon

Travel Explorations will come up with more reports from the Norway International Meeting and Travel Fair, Reiseliv 2008, in Lillestrøm, Oslo, soon.

Watch photos and read reports from Peru and the Norway International Meeting and Travel Fair, Reiseliv, on www.TravelExplorations.com.

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