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Oak Island mystery, Halifax, Canada - What is going on now in 2024?

Memorial stone on Oak Island - Stein Morten Lund

Exploration of the big mystery on Oak Island started for over 200 years ago and it still goes on. Nestled in Halifax, Canada, this island is home to one of the world's most enduring mysteries, famously known as "The Money Pit." 

Photo.  Stein Morten Lund sits by the memorial stone on Oak Island for they who lost their life searching for the big treasure. © Travel Explorations. 

The Oak Island mystery revolves around buried treasure and unexplained objects found on or near Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. This enigma surrounds a complex network of shafts, tunnels, and chambers so well constructed that some believe they couldn't have been made by human hands alone. But what lies beneath? Speculations abound. Could it be the Holy Grail, hidden away for centuries? 

Perhaps it's the lost treasures of the Incas, bars of gold and silver, or even the crown jewels of Marie Antoinette. Some theories suggest stolen items from St. Andrew's church, Shakespeare's lost manuscripts or other invaluable manuscripts and documents. There are even those who ponder if the island hides artifacts or remains from extraterrestrial visitors. 

I have been fascinated by the mystery of Oak Island since childhood. My first encounter with this enigmatic treasure hunt was through a brief chapter in a Donald Duck scout book. The story of early explorers and treasure hunters who first sought the big treasure has always intrigued me. In 1998, my curiosity led me to Oak Island, where I explored a small part of the site firsthand. Over the years, I have delved into numerous books and articles. In addition I have been in contact with enthusiasts involved in solving the mystery. I have also written several articles about the subject. Staying updated on the ongoing explorations and discoveries at Oak Island has been a captivating and enriching journey for me.

Since 2014, fans of the HISTORY series The Curse of Oak Island have been watching Michigan brothers Rick and Marty efforts to find the big treasure. Recent developments in the quest for treasure on Oak Island have brought significant excitement and speculation. The eleventh season of "The Curse of Oak Island" concluded with notable discoveries and ongoing theories. The brothers found a silver artifact on Lot 5, which was authenticated as fine silver, adding weight to the theory that significant treasures or historical artifacts are still hidden on the island​.

Additionally, isotope analysis of wooden artifacts found in the Money Pit area suggested links to southeastern France or northern Italy. This supported the hypothesis that the Knights Templar might have played a role in the Oak Island mystery​. The discovery matched with previous finds, including a 14th-century lead cross, believed to be Templar-related.

For more detailed updates and ongoing news, you can follow the History Channel’s coverage of "The Curse of Oak Island."

Watch what is going on right now in the quest for finding the big treasure: 
Official Facebook page for The Curse of Oak Island on The @HISTORY Channel (see updated information on 8th June 2024). 
Twitter: @CurseOfOak | Instagram: @CurseofOakIsland.

I learned from the news that the are some small discoveries and new wild theories about who has buried a treasure on Oak Island. Or is it not any treasure there at all? Perhaps the treasure has fallen out of the bottom? The original shaft, known as “The Money Pit,” was dug by early explorers. It’s a mysterious depression in the ground that has captured imaginations for centuries. In the recent years there have been excavation several other places on the island. Looking at the mystery from this wider perspective could be a good approach of the ongoing efforts to uncover Oak Island's secrets.

Money pit or sinkhole? Retired geologist Steven Aitken said in an interview “There is no treasure at the money pit”: see the article What Is the Oak Island Money Pit? (source: History). But the Michigan brothers Rick and Marty have not giving up (source: History). Working with representatives from Dumas Contracting Ltd., the Garden Shaft in the Money Pit area will extend the refurbished 82-foot deep, mid-18th century structure down some twenty feet deeper underground. 

The mystery continues, with countless excavations since 1795, costing millions of dollars. Despite skepticism that it might be just a sinkhole rather than a treasure pit, Oak Island continues to enchant treasure hunters and history enthusiasts alike with its mysterious allure.

Stein Morten Lund, 17th June 2024

Additional information
The Oak Island mystery revolves around buried treasure and unexplained objects found on or near Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. Several nearby islands and sites to Oak Island are shrouded in mystery. There have been reports of mysterious artifacts and structures similar to those found on Oak Island, suggesting a potential connection between the locations. Some of these locations are Birch Island, Apple Island, The Mahone Bay Islands, Mahone Bay, New Ross and Gull Island. 

Legends and theories related to Oak Island:

  • Pirate treasure: Some believe it holds pirate treasure, possibly linked to Captain Kidd.
  • Shakespearean manuscripts: Others speculate about hidden manuscripts or artifacts.
  • Knights Templar: Legends suggest the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant was buried there by the Knights Templar.
  • Curse: A century-old curse predicts that seven men will die in the search for the treasure before it’s found.
  • Artifacts: Over the years, various items have been found, but no significant main treasure 

The documentary "Sweet Swan of Avon - The Shakespeare Treasure" was shown on Norwegian TV NRK in 2009 in 4 episodes. It`s based on a book Organisten (The Organ Player) written by Petter Amundsen and Erlend Loe from Norway.

Petter Amundsen has also recently published the book Oak Island and the Treasure Map in Shakespeare (2012), and in the documentary “Shakespeare: The Hidden Truth” (2012). Here he presents what at first sight appears as a wild and almost absurd theory; that Francis Bacon was deeply involved in the writing of Shakespeare’s plays, that he also was involved in hiding something on Oak Island. His theory is that the first folio of Shakespeare’s plays contains codes revealing this, and that it also presents a kind of map directing us towards Oak Island.

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