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Nazi bunker Oslo Handelsgymnasium - In search for secrets

Bunker,oslo handelsgymnasium,oslo,norway,nazi

What is hiding beneath Oslo Handelsgymnasium in Oslo? Any big Nazi tresaures? As Nazi Germany began to fall in 1945 its leaders around the world hided the treasures they had looted. Following the World War II the school was inspected by the Norwegian resistance fighters and later the military. They found a large Nazi bunker four metres below the school, which was used as the Nazis headquarter in Norway during the war.

Photo. The door to the Nazi bunker eneath Oslo Handelsgymnasium in Oslo.

Officially the bunker didn't exist - until for few years ago. It has been explored little bit the last years, but so far there has not been any breakthrough.

For those few who have studied the Nazis architectural plans, they expect to uncover a well-hidden, secret complex, at a lower level beneath the known bunker. Heavy earth moving and drilling equipment are required to break through the steel and concrete layers to unearth entrances to secret rooms and thunnels. These might be connected to other bunkers below the ground in central Oslo. Is it more to find, or have the Nazis destroyed everything to hide their operation plans and other secrets?

Watch more photos of the bunker on our Facebook page Travel Explorations.

Befehlsstand was spent on bunkers where emergency could direct the whole army. We started our exploration from the Oslo Handelsgymnasium not far from the Royal Palace on Friday 21st October 2016.

During the Second World War it was used as the German military headquarter, and a large bunker was built beneath it. We descended from the old school building down the stairs to the "dark abyss". Here we looked around in several rooms. When the Nazi were forced out of building by the Norwegian resistance movment in May 1945, they probably took their time to hide entrances to secret rooms, stairways to a bunker at a lower level, and connections to a wide network of Nazi tunnels beneath the city`s streets. These tunnels are believed to be connected to other bunkers.

The Nazis needed hiding places and protection against heavy bombing. It`s like that the Nazis constructed their "underground world" as a "fox nest" full of alternative escape routes. Our excellent guide was the former chief inspector at the school, Emil Didrichsen. He told dramatic stories from the war days, and gave us deeply insight about the school building and the bunker. Several effects from the war were displayed in the rooms.

One of the items was a phone which Reichskommissar Josef Terboven, used for directly communications with Adolf Hitler. By banging on walls and stamping on the floors, we listen to echo sounds in our search for hidden rooms and stairways.

We also looked for small holes, cracks and other signs for cover of secret entrances. Based on our explorations we really believe there is more to be found there. Exploration by radar possible and more drilling through the thick concrete layers will hopefully solve the big mystery. And I wonder what we eventually will find then?

Stein Morten Lund, 22nd October 2016

Additional information
Coming up more information about the bunker and the ongoing investigations.

Read more amazing stories on www.travelexplorations.com

See photo. The term was also used about Hitler's bunker in Berlin. Scripture is original, but freshened up.


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