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Here we present the most exciting expeditions and unique journeys. The world is growing smaller, but it is bigger than you think. Some people visualize the opportunities for others, and make our lives exciting to live.

View the world with no secrets: you can consider it in two ways: both as a threat and a opportunity. Some ways people live their lifes will surprise you...

Mount Everest - The Norwegian Jarle Traa made it to the top without extra supply of oxygen!

Jarle Traa, Jarle Trå, was reported missing on Saturday 22nd May 2009. A search for him started and fortunately he was found over 8000 metres above ocean Monday morning 25th May. It was a dramatic rescue operation to get Jarle Traa down from the world`s tallest mountain.

Jarle was accompanied by another Norwegian team comprising Lars Oma Erichsrud and Petter Lindén Nyquist, who reach the top 22nd May. 

There are reports of climbers in trouble being helped down on both sides, with the most serious case being that of Jarle Traa, reported to be found in a critical condition on the North side ABC.

Over 8000 metres there is 30 % lower volume oxygen than by the ocean level. So it`s incredlible that Jarle made it to the top without extra supply of oxygen.

Jarle Trå has now arrived a hospital in Nepal and will be threaten there, according to Norwegian media (TV2 and Nettavisen).

Stein Morten Lund, 26 May 2009

Additional information
The first oxygenless ascent was on 8 May 1978 by Reinhold Messner, IT, and Peter Habeler, AUT, via the South-East Ridge.

Some facts about Mount Everest:
Elevation: 29,035 (8850m)-found to be 6' higher in 1999.
Name in Nepal: Sagarmatha (means: goddess of the sky)
In Tibet: Chomolungma: (means: mother goddess of the universe)
Named after: Sir George Everest in 1865 ,the British surveyor-general of India. Once known as Peak 15




A Sherpa named Babu has climbed Mount Everest 7 times without oxygen.

Advice from the international expedition portal ExplorersWeb:
Do not attempt Everest without oxygen, unless you are an experienced +8000-meter/26000 ft climber, with at least one previous experience at 8500-meters/28000 ft without oz. Your sherpa should carry a spare oxygen bottle for emergency. And remember to drink plenty of fluids. Link for more information on ExplorersWeb`s website: http://www.mounteverest.net/expguide/wwoz.htm

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