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Moss Norway Travel Guide. The Moss region in Norway is for genuine adventurers. It has a beautiful countryside, the ydillic peninsula of Jeløya, wooden hills and dense pristine forests. Moss offers an abundance of trails and paths, but most exciting is venture out on the off beaten tracks. Discover the Viking heritage and other historical sites.

Moss Cabin, Skihytta, in Mossemarka – On a cold, sunny, snowy and beautiful day!

The Moss region is the sunny side of the Oslo fjord, both in the summer and winters! On Sunday 10th January 2010 the weather and snow conditions were just perfect. Skiing around in Mossemarka on a day like this, you really feel a strong coexistence with the nature.
Skihytta,mossemarka,moss cabin, moss region

Photo. Skihytta, the popular cafeteria cabin, in Mossemarka, Moss, Norway. © Travel Explorations.

The sky was clear blue, the sun was shining, it was snow on the trees and people were in their best mood. The fairytale landscape inspired me to ski around for hours admiring the beautiful snowy landscape. In the densest part of the forest light turns to shadow, but in the open parts in the forest it was good to be warmed by the sun.

The Moss region is located south east in Norway, close to the capital Oslo. Based on information on Moss municipality`s website, Moss kommune, offers the region Mossemarka around 200 kilometers with marked trails.

I was skiing around in the forest near the cafeteria cabin called Skihytta, but unfortunately I couldn`t notice any signs at all. Not even when I took off from the road and found a parking place, I couldn`t observe any signs except from one sign with advertises for local enterprises. Anyway I found the right place to park my car.

On this beautiful day I was eager to experience the beautiful landscape for the first time near Skihytta. It`s important to take your time to enjoy the tour, and not rushing like a frightened elk, moose, around in the forest. Even I got tired, I was continuously eager to go skiing further to observe more of the beautiful area.

It was a little bit cold, circa 12 degrees below zero in the middle of the day, so it was essential for me to be in activity. Otherwise I will start to freeze very soon, perhaps I would be turned to a ice sculpture in the late afternoon. I enjoyed observing amazing snow creations on the trees. Sometimes I stopped for looking more carefully at them and taking photos. I could see the strong light from the sun illuminated the snow on the trees, and this made it even more beautiful.

Photo. Winter wonderland - admiring the snowy scenery in Mossemarka, Moss, Norway. © Travel Explorations. Skihytta,mossemarka,moss cabin, moss region

Norway is one of the least densely populated countries of the world, with extensive areas available for hiking and skiing, many of them highly available, close to cities, just as Mossemarka and Skihytta in Moss.

Mossemarka is a beautiful area for recreation and enjoying a cultural landscape. The terrain is diverse with forest, hills and small lakes.

By asking nice people I met on my tour, I finally found my way to the popular cafeteria cabin Skihytta in the forest, located 101 metres above ocean. From the top of the jumping arena it`s possible to admire the view wide around in Moss. On a clear day you can view the island Jeløya and the Oslo fjord towards west.

On this day Skihytta was crowded with happy skiers buying hot chocolate, cofee, tea, juice, chocolates, waffles, cakes, and other snacks.

The cafeteria Moss Cabin, Skihytta in Moss, is open now a days:
Wednesdays from 4 PM to 8 PM.
Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 4 PM.

Despite cold temperatures the last weeks, nearly as low as 30 degrees minus one weekend, the Moss Cabin, Skihytta, has been visited by a large number of people. The cabin is well decorated with skis on the walls and photos of skiers from old time. Skihytta was established in 1935. It has been used as a center for training, skiing competitions, enjoying sauna, arranging partys, seminars, apartment for the host, and for serving of food and drinks to visitors. Moss Municipally, Moss commune, gives financial support to run the Skihytte. Moss Skiklubb, Moss Club for skiers, has established a small jumping arena for children beside Skihytta.

Photo. A eager cross country skier enjoying his tour in the forest, Mossemarka, near Skihytta. © Travel Explorations.

Moss Skiklubb offers a map with information and descriptions of trails in Mossemarka and surrounded areas. It`s possible to buy this map at bookshops and sport shops in Moss.

Bjørn Norsted has written a long and interesting article about opportunities in Mossemarka as he describe than more traces skiing, ski skating and condom suits (December 2009). For additional information about Mossemarka, read more on Moss Skiklubb`s website: www.moss-skiklubb.no.  

You can park at Kambo School, Norødegården and Vanembukken (in the Norwegian language: parkeringmuligheter på Kambo skole, Norødegården og Vanembukken).

Especially in the summer Mossemarka offers a great opportunity to explore nature and cultural history. Along the trails you will see a rich amount of cultural monuments, a changing and dramatic landscape and a rich animal and plant life.

Mossemarka is for everyone, both children and adults. People`s cross-country ski tours differ in difficulty and length. Some areas are wilder and more challenging than others. You should choose a tour that suits your fitness and experience. Ski tours from cabin to cabin in the area are really enjoyable as long as you are able to cope with the terrain, snow conditions and weather.

Stein Morten Lund, 10 January 2010

Additional information
Read more about the Moss region on our global travelguide www.TravelExplorations.com

You can start your cross country skiing tours in Mossemarka from almost whereever you want, either from the parking place by Vanembukken, from the farm Noreødegården, Nøkkeland or Grindvold. The traces in the snow is well made for cross country skiing. It looks like traces for the tram. In some parts of the area there is sat up lights around so people can go skiing in the dark evenings. For more information about Mossemarka, read more on Moss Skiklubb`s website: www.moss-skiklubb.no

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