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Here we present the most exciting expeditions and unique journeys. The world is growing smaller, but it is bigger than you think. Some people visualize the opportunities for others, and make our lives exciting to live.

View the world with no secrets: you can consider it in two ways: both as a threat and a opportunity. Some ways people live their lifes will surprise you...

Lost explorers who vanished from the face of the earth!

Where have all the lost explorers gone? What happened to them? Taken by cannibals, scurvy, tropical diseases or scary monsters? In the age of exploration and discovery many people where willing to risk their life to find unknown places, trading routes and valuable treasures.

Photo. Old map symbolizing lost explorers!

Several hundred explorers have given their lives in the cause of discovery. Some of them are George Bass, Jean Francois De Galaup De La, Andrew Irvine, John Cabot, Gaspar Corte-Real, Miguel Corte-Real, Percy Harrison Fawcett, Francisco de Hoces, Henry Hudson, Abu Bakr, Roal Amundsen, Bartholomeu Diaz, Andrew Irvine, Ludwig Leichhardt, Richard Halliburton, Vandino and Ugolino Vivaldi.

The Age of Exploration or Age of Discovery as it is sometimes called, officially began in the early 15th century and lasted until the 17th century. The period is characterised as a time when Europeans began exploring the world by sea in search of trading partners, new goods, and new trade routes. But the time of explorations started earlier than this, and lasted much longer.

Famous explorers on their last journey: The legend of El Dorado attracted groups of explorers and adventurers to their deaths: an ancient empire of citadels and treasure hidden deep in the Amazon jungle.

Amazon explorers uncover signs of a real El Dorado. Satellite technology detects giant mounds over 155 miles, pointing to sophisticated pre-Columbian culture. The article was written by Rory Carroll, Latin America correspondent, The Guardian - guardian.co.uk, updated 6th January 2010. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jan/05/amazon-dorado-satellite-discovery

Read more about famous explorers who are missing on Wikipedia:

John Cabot
Gaspar Corte-Real
Miguel Corte-Real
George Bass
Percy Fawcett
Francisco de Hoces
Henry Hudson
Andrew Irvine (mountaineer)
Ludwig Leichhardt
Vandino and Ugolino Vival
Peng Jiamu
Michael Rockefeller
Roald Amundsen

One group of people who risk their lives where the Jesuit missionaries of the Society of Jesus. They are also known as 'Soldiers of Christ', who had great success in converting the "pagans" of Asia, Africa and South America to Christianity. In their black robes they looked like spooky wizards. Since they believed that God was with them, they weren`t afraid to go nowhere, but sometimes they were killed by local people who considered them as intruders.

Books about lost explorers

Explorers Who Got Lost:
Written by Diane Sansevere-Drehe. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries just about every explorer who sailed beyond the horizon to find new land thought he knew where he was going. But in fact, most got terribly lost and stumbled on places no one had ever heard of.

The stories are complemented by maps, portraits, photos and extracts from diaries and letters. Explorers Who Got Lost is the telling of these Age of Discovery heroes. Their discoveries may have been unintentional, but when they found irrevocably changed the map of the world! Fast paced, exciting, full of facts and adventure, Explorers Who Got Lost provides detailed information on the most influential explorers of the fifteenth century.

The history, sociology and even the superstitions of the time along with dozens of drawings, maps, routes and diagrams of ships and navigational equipment are all included. You'll discover the new world as these famous explorers discovered it. You'll follow their routes, you'll experience their hardships, You'll learn all about these amazing heroes whose discoveries altered the face of the globe and changed the course of human history.

Adventurers Who Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth:
Written byEd Wright, 2008, contains 303 pages: "Explorers have to be ready to die lost," said Russell Hoban and hopefully they are, because many of them do. Those who seek to discover the unknown, often risk falling victim to it. Some adventurers are lost, literally, forever; some have found their hidden continent or legendary city of gold, but lost their lives.

The stories in Lost Explorers are tragic, mysterious, thrilling and rip-roaring, and their subjects include heroes, villains and misguided innocents. Lost Explorers features approximately 80 adventurers who gave their lives in the cause of discovery. Each chapter discusses the adventurers chronologically, and each entry covers their career up to and including their final mission. The stories are complemented by maps, portraits, photos and extracts from diaries and letters.

The Age of Exploration was the period for achieve new geographic knowledge, but many explorers took their knowlegde with them to an unknown place.They were never seen again. 

Stein Morten Lund, 14 November 2011

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