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Kristin Harila launches collaboration with Baker Perry to maintain Mount Everest Weather Stations and on Clean-Up Campaign

Kristin Harila

Kristin Harila and climate scientist Baker Perry will collaborate on upcoming maintenance weather stations on Mount Everest, including one at the Bishop Rock, located at approximately 8,810 meters above sea level and only 40 m below the summit. 

Photo. Kristin Harila and Baker Perry at Everest Base Camp, Nepal. © Kristin Harila. 

In addition, their team will work together to measure snowpack properties above Base Camp for research purposes.

This is based on a press release 2nd May 2024: Kristin Harila and Climate Scientist Baker Perry announce partnership to maintain Mount Everest Weather Stations and on Clean-Up Campaign. 

Kristin Harila is currently in Nepal, where she is kicking off the Tenjen-Harila CleanUp Project. The project aims to remove old trash from the higher parts of the mountains and work on attitude change to prevent new waste from piling up. One important aspect of the project is safety for the workers in the mountain. "Correct and reliable weather forecasting is crucial when planning for movement on the mountain", says Kristin, "we need weather stations like the ones that Baker and his team set up, in order to plan the ascents and descents properly".

The five weather stations; Phortse (3810m), Everest Base Camp (5315m), Camp II (6464m), South Col (7945m) and Bishop Rock (8810m) provide vital weather information for climbers and Sherpas and collect data that helps researchers around the world understand climate change impacts and water resources in the Himalaya.

Baker Perry will supervise a team of three Sherpas to change batteries, replace selected sensors, and perform other regular maintenance of the weather stations. In addition, the team will measure snowpack properties above Base Camp.

Kristin quotes: "The conditions decide the safety of anyone on the mountain. Unpredicted change in weather can be a question of life or death. It is extremely important that we have reliable weather forecasting from stations located on the mountain so that we can plan for the best times to bring down trash."

"I am extremely happy to be working with Baker Perry. If I can help him and other scientists understand and forecast the weather, we can make the mountain a little bit safer. "

Baker Perry quotes: "The weather station network continues to improve our understanding of the impacts of climate change on the highest peaks in the Himalaya while also providing critical observations to improve weather forecasts for those attempting to climb Mount Everest, particularly the climbing Sherpa, who spend the most time high on the mountain. There are few places on earth where real-time observations and accurate weather forecasts are more important."

"I am thrilled to partner with Kristin and her team on the annual weather station maintenance activities and the clean-up campaign. It is clear she is committed to advancing scientific understanding of the Himalaya and preserving these majestic mountains for future generations."

Press contact: Rigmor Berthier +47 464 44 982 or post@kristinharila.com


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