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Here we present the ultimate thrills. Your adreline will rush.... Neither words, photograps nor films do the world`s places justice - they must been seen, heard and touched.

K2 - Climbers in tragedy on the world`s second highest mountain!

Xexplorersweb reported 3rd August 2008 about a terrible accident took place on K2 this weekend. Later it was confirmed that 11 climbers have died in an avalanche. It`s the worst accident on K2 in over 20 years. One of them who perished was the Norwegian Rolf Bae. His wife Cecilie Skog survived and is safe in the Base Camp.
K2,Rolf Bae,Cecilie Skog,tragedy,Himalaya

Photo (image). The Norwegian couple Rolf Bae and Cecilie Skog. © Explorersweb. 

K2 is also known as Kaytu by the locals. It`s the second-highest mountain on Earth after Mount Everest and is located in the Kashmir region.

According to the expedition guide Xexplorersweb 3 August 2008, this was "Three Poles" Norwegian Cecilie Skog and husband Rolf Bae's second attempt on the Mountaineers' mountain.

In their 2005 attempt the couple reached camp 3, but bad weather thwarted further tries for the summit that year.

Before the K2 climb this year, Rolf Bae topped out Trango Tower after 27 days on the wall, along with climbing mates Stein Ivar Gravdal, Bjarte Bø, and Sigurd Felde.

Cecilie has summited Everest and the couple also reached both poles back to back, without airdrops and kites. In 2000, Rolf Bae did a spectacular Antarctic traverse together with Eirik Sonneland.

Read more on Xexplorersweb: News K2 tragedy - ExWeb

Xexplorersweb editorial:
K2's double tragedy - blowing out candles for scoops and fame

Comments from Explorersweb:
Mountaineering history is filled with examples of "ghosts" walking into Base Camps. Read more on: News ExWeb

Xexplorersweb`s website: www.explorersweb.com

Based on accounts per October 2007: 23 % of they who have tried to reach the top on K2 have lost their life. The Abruzzi Spur route is the most used route, and it`s this route which has claimed most life.

Risky rescue efforts have started to bring down three persons. It`s also possible that some climbers are missing.

Stein Morten Lund, 4 August 2008
(based on information from Xexplorersweb: www.explorersweb.com)

Additional information
Read more about Cecilie Skog on her website: www.CecilieSkog.com

Keep updated on Cecilie Skog`s blog: Cecilie Skog - News

Read more about Ralf Bae and Cecilie Skog on our global travel guide www.TravelExplorations.com

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