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Party Life
Here we present unique experiences from the wild partylife around the world.

John's bar - where the Tigers come to party - Oslo - Norway

They who stumble in to this wild place will be lifted up to the roof, and when they come down again they will beg for more. When it comes to an end late in the night, visitors have to take out their last efforts to climb up the exit stairs, but some visitors have to be carried out.
John's Bar is located in a small basement in down town Oslo, the Norwegian capital (Universitetsgaten by the main street Karl Johansgate). Oslo is also called the Tiger City. This is the place where all the real Tigers join. They are a special sort predators, but don't worry they don't eat you. Or at least; don't worry, they only eat you once! By reading this article you will understand why Oslo is called the Tiger City.

Photo: Someone has a good time. 

Here you will meet the toughest and friendliest people in Oslo. Everybody here makes a toast, sing, shout and dance together. It is easy to get in contact with people if you have the right spirit. Anyway, you don't have much choice because the place is so full packed with dancing and singing people.

Before 24 O'clock the Tigers slide down the stairs and throw themselves in to the wild crowd. They jump around like wild Kangaroos, dancing the night away. First bar round start with an Tequila, so the rounds get faster and faster, and there is no turning back.

Thirsty people have to use sharp elbows and break they way through to the bar. After they`ve been served by happy, fast working, jolly good barkeepers, it is a big challenge to keep the drink without spelling. Sometimes it is almost possible to move. It is so dense and intense! It is like herring in a barrel.

Photo. Hey you! What`s going on?


People in various ages have their good time in John's Bar. The music is exceptional loud, but incredible good. It is mostly pop and rock, which drives the people totally crazy! It is definitely not the place for a sensible conversation!

In a room behind the main stage (floor) you can cool down little bit and take a good breath. It is also here where all the hot stuff is going on. Some visitors fell in love very quick, and would like to do more out of it.

Photo. Yeeeeeeeees! Jippy Yahoo!!!! 

In John's Bar you can meet the famous pretty blonde Norwegian girls. They would like to take control and swing you around like a doll. Still some adult girls like to play with dolls. But don't be frightened; just show your masculinity and be the boss! Or you are out… Be aware of that the girls there like to be challenged.

Photo. Come, rock with me!


Photo. It was hot love in the hot air.

The gentleman took her by his hand, and so they rocked - hardly rocked around chairs, tables, poles and what ever they came over.

"Obladi oblada life goes on bra!

Lala how the lifes goes on!" -

Especially on John`s Bar.

Photo. And in the end: we all joined hands.... 

Recently I dragged a couple up from the floor. They danced so wildly that they lost their balance and felt on the floor. They rolled around, and had big problems with rising up again. But with my "strong" arms I helped them on feet. So they continue to twist and shout.

During your visit in John's Bar you will be coloured brown, black and with other colours by the bear and other drinks. An another important thing you have to remember too: save your last efforts for climbing up the exit stairs - ZIGZAG.

Are you a real Tiger? And are you ready for this? I hope to meet you there one time!

Stein Morten Lund, 5 November 2000

Additional information

Oslo - the Viking Party Capital:
Oslo is the capital of Norway. The city is also called the Tiger city (as you can understand) and is situated at the head of the Oslo Fjord surrounded by beautiful parks and forested ridges.

The Vikings were strong, wild and fearless warriors who were always looking for new challenges. They still do, but their behaviour has been adjusted - just little bit - since their forefathers started their raids for 1000 years ago.

Oslo has obvious the hottest party life in the world. The "Viking party lions" (or even better "Viking party Tigers") know how to party. The freedom to do what you want to do is strong in the country, and everybody have a good time, especially in the weekends. Most Norwegians are working hard in the midweek, so they don't have much time for having fun. But when the weekends come, they turn to be wild HUNGRY tigers.

Oslo has a wide variety of discothèques, pubs, bars, restaurants and bistros. Most are located within such a limited area that they are within walking distance of each other. In addition, each quarter of the city has an unusual atmosphere all worth visiting.

Referred from the Official website for Oslo (Oslo Promotion), many globetrotters consider the harbour area, Aker Brygge, as the most attractive place in all of Northern Europe for persons who want to have fun, experience something unusual and eat well. Be ready for the live music and sing along. The sun will shine, and so will you!

In the centre of Oslo near the main street, Karl Johan Street, you will find a wide variety of discotheques, nightclubs, bars, jazz clubs and cafés. Also many other places in Oslo there are great places for having fun together with the crazy and nice Norwegians.

In the summer several small and big parties are arranged on the Oslo Fjord`s 40 islands. Sometimes it looks like and sounds like an animal ZOO, but one thing is definitely sure; the Norwegian Viking spirit is unique!

Facts about Oslo:
• Municipality of Oslo total area 454 km2 (175 sq. mi.)
• Population 550.000 (Norway approx. 4.5 mill.)
• Forest area 242 km2 (93 sq. mi.)
• Parks, sports arenas etc. 8 km2 (3 sq. mi.)
• Number of islands in the Oslo Fjord 40
• Number of lakes within the city limits 343
• Length of the Oslo Fjord 100 km (62 mi.)
• Political system in Norway Parliamentary democracy, Kingdom

Read more about Oslo on the Official website for Oslo (Oslo Promotion):


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