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Jobs & Training

Jobs and training - Vacant jobs in the travel industry, coaching and more

Marketplace for jobs and training opportunities - for innovative travel companies and candidates who are willing to walk the "extra mile". For travel companies: attract the right candidates for your available positions in your company. Job seekers: find job opportunities here where you might be a good match.

Job seekers:
• Are you ready for a new challenge?
• Looking for coaching, courses and training programmes?
• Searching for opportunities through Exchange Programs?

Travel companies:
• Want to advertise vacant position in your company?
• Find the best location for training your personnel here

And more!
In the future Travel Explorations will publish plenty of great career opportunities within the travel industry. Some partners will also offer competence mapping, coaching, courses and training programmes through our website. 

Training - coaching
Get assistance through our partners to be able to utilize your employee's full potential where it is required most. Identify possible competence gaps and thereby focus on relevant training efforts. Be aware of that exchange programs also give unique opportunities for knowledge transfer across countries borders.

Travel companies
Travel companies around the world appriciate personal initiative and entrepreneurial behavior, and would like to offer right candidates challenging and rewarding work environments. Since the travel industry is one of the largest and still one of the fastest growing industries in the world, there will be many available positions that are published on our website Travel Explorations. Here you can explore career opportunities frequently, as there is always travel companies looking for highly skilled and motivated people who want to learn and contribute in organisations who work international.

Search for open positions by location and position - function
On our website you can find job ads and presentations for companies in the travel industry or related industries. We publish job opportunities especially across Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), but also in other countries in Europe and around the world in general. Click on the company name underCompany (see the column in the table below) and find out if it's you they're looking for.

Presentations of recruiters
Travel Explorations presents also hereby some of world's leading online recruitment and training programmes websites. These recruiters offer a wide range of products and services to help fill their vacancies with high skilled people, quickly and efficiently. Our site gives these strong visibility for their vacancies, and reaches potential talents in a more interactive way compared with traditional media.

We believe that today`s personnel in the travel industry should have outstanding knowledge in the following areas:

• Market trends
• Internet marketing
• Knowledge about destinations
• Communication
• Future oriented
• Sales and serviced minded


Position Company Location  Published date   Last date

Articles about job trends in the travel industry - what kind of personnel are wanted, market trends and opportunities: Coming soon!

Companies search for people
Companies and organisation within the travel industry seeks people who want to grow and prosper in a rapidly changing world. Self-motivated people who are prepared to walk "the extra mile" for the customer will be welcome. Careers at fast tracked and performance driven. They need employees offer opportunities to learn and practice new technical and business skills.

Recruits companies which find the best candidates are (companies): ..................

Example of advertising text:
Company ABC is an experienced partner in supplying sales personnel within the travel industry. We are beware of the required skills in sales methods, booking systems etc.

Courses and education in the travel industry and other businesses
Get your business training that can help you succeed within the travel industry. Build your carrier in the travel industry in an international environment. Secure career success with a training course or a formal degree from (company). With locations across the country and many courses and degree programmes available, you will find the right offers to realize your potential in the future. Take contact with mentioned companies for more information today.

Contact information
Contact us in Travel Explorations for being presented on this page: stein@travelexplorations.com.


Presentasjon på norsk
En av våre partnere er: ………,som er et rekrutteringsselskap med spesialkunnskap på ledelse, salg og kundeservice innen reiselivsbransjen. Selskapet rekrutterer og leier ut konsulenter til attraktive selskaper. Mer informasjon på KOMMER SNART: www.aaaa.com.

Firmaet har lang erfaring med trening, utleie og rekruttering av personell innen ledelse, salg og kundeservice. Jobber daglig med utvelgelse av kandidater til deres mange spennende oppdragsgivere. Firmaet sørger for at deres vikarer og konsulenter hele tiden blir skolert i salg, salgsforståelse og kundeservice. Dette gjør de på flere måter, bl.a. gjennom ulike opplæringskurs hos våre oppdragsgivere. Disse kursene tar for seg grunnleggende arbeidsmetodikk og måloppnåelse, med særlig fokus på områder innen:

• Markedsforståelse
• Internett markedsføring
• Kommunikasjon
• Forretningsforståelse
• Salg og service

Kontakt informasjon
Kontakt oss i Travel Explorations for å bli presentert på denne siden: stein@travelexplorations.com.

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