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Exploration News

Jan Moller from Denmark sailed solo, non-stop around the world!

The first Dane and Scandinavian to sail single-handed and non-stop around the world in a sailboat became Jan Moller. After near six months he finally sat his foot on shore in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

To achieve his big goal, Moller had be out sailing for 168,5 days on the world's oceans. 300 - 400 people welcomed him on Monday 15 March (2004) in the Copenhagen harbour, where his wife Merete and the couple's two children waited too.



Photo. Jan Moller has made it. YEEEEEES! (photo from his website www.3minnovation.dk).




This man has really great guts.  Not just because it sailed around the world solo, but also because the round the fearsome CAPE HORN! Not everybody have managed that and survived!


With a successful track record as both sailor and businessman, Jan Moller decided to sail a 40 foot sailboat round the world. The boat is a so-called Open 40, designed to be handled by one-man-only. The decision was made in spring 2002, and Jan Moller left Copenhagen late September 2003. The realization of his journey was made possible due to a number of dedicated sponsorships. Furthermore Jan has added personal savings to live out the dream.


Jan Moller choose to follow an eastbound route around the globe (according to his website www.3minnovation.dk ). First Moller sailed down the west coast of Africa, then east to Australia, New Zealand and further to South America. So he rounded the fearsome and legendary Cape Horn, continued across the Atlantic Ocean and so he returned home to Denmark.


Photo. Jan Moller on his way all the way around our planet (photo from his website www.3minnovation.dk)


On his own, Jan Moller, sailed a distance over 30.000 Nm, during the journey (equivalent to ca. 50.000 kilometres!) without anchoring or docking.


All necessities needed during the journey have been carried on board since the departure fromCopenhagen, Denmark. The total weight of the vessel is 4005 kilo, counting boat, safety and emergency equipment.


Jan Moller established a shore-crew, who handled practical issues around the project before, under and after the trip. This enabled Jan Moller focus on the goal: To be the first Scandinavian single hand sailor to sail around the world non-stop! Robert Knox-Johnson was the first man who sailed solo around the world.


Moller`s boat was equipped with different "state of the art" satellite technology, so it was possible to follow him and his boat all along his long route back to Copenhagen via both Internet and traditional media.


Stein Morten Lund, 18 March 2004


Additional information

Danish "dynamite" is wellknown in international football (soccer). From Moller`s sailing tour we know that the Danish also have great guts and strong abilities in sailing too. For more information about Moller`s incredible sailing expedition, click on the link: www.3minnovation.dk


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