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Moss Norway Travel Guide. The Moss region in Norway is for genuine adventurers. It has a beautiful countryside, the ydillic peninsula of Jeløya, wooden hills and dense pristine forests. Moss offers an abundance of trails and paths, but most exciting is venture out on the off beaten tracks. Discover the Viking heritage and other historical sites.

Beatlemania in Moss, Norway - The Beatles Project rocked the audience to the fullest

Beatles,Moss,Norway,concert,rock,the beatles project

Celebrated yesterday the music of the most famous pop group the world has ever known, The Beatles. Top music, strong energy, sing along and dancing at Øre Villa Kro, Moss, Norway. The Beatles Project from Norway, included Neil Tudor, Paul McCartney look alike from Liverpool, lifted Beatles fans to great heights.

Photo. Beatlemania at Øre Villa Kro, Moss in Norway, 10th November 2018. The Beatles Project from Norway, included Neil Tudor, Paul McCartney look alike from Liverpool, lifted Beatles fans to great heights. Their performance as The Beatles was excellent.

The Beatles Project made it nostalgic in the most refreshing way in Øre Villa Kro, Moss, Norway. The Beatles songs will live forever. This Beatles Tribute event was fantastic.

Yeah Yeah Yeah! "Beatlemania" at Øre Villa Kro in Moss, Norway, 10th November 2018. Got a good feeling. Beatles fans enjoyed the concert. Not so big hysteria and wild screaming as it was in the early 60s, but anyway the audience showed great enthusiasm by clapping, sing along and dancing. The Beatles` music is 50-60 years old, but not too old. It will probably never be either. Their music reflects the period they played, but has been kept alive afterwards, and still sounds fresh, both for early fans and new generations of music lovers.

See photos and read more on our Facebook page Moss Norway Travel Guide: https://www.facebook.com/Moss.Norway

Neil Tudor performed Beatles songs with full passion at Øre Villa Kro, Moss, in Norway, Saturday 10th November 2018. He was born in Liverpool in 1961, and is well known for beeing Paul McCartney number 1 look alike. Tudor is naturally left handed, and is perfect to portrays the left-handed bassist and singer Paul McCartney in that way too. He plays mostly in England as well with his own group “The Macca Band” a tribute to Paul, The Beatles, and Wings, as well as doing a “solo” act as Paul. Read more about him on: http://neiltudor.com/home/about-en.html

Beatles songs are eternally popular and timeless. Half of the Beatles have sadly departed this world. They last performed live on a roof top in 1969 yet their music still fascinates us.

The Norwegian Beatles fan Stein Morten shows the Mojo Magazine September 2018 issue. Here the magazine marks the 300th issue and Beatles White Album reissue with all-white cover. On 9th November 2018, The Beatles’ White Album iwas reissued around the world to celebrate the album’s 50th anniversary; it features new stereo mixes as well as unreleased demos and session recordings. Listen and enjoy.

Stein Morten Lund, 11th November 2018

Additional information
Read more about Beatles concerts in Moss, Norway. https://www.facebook.com/Moss.Norway
Read also about visit from former Liverpool soccer stars in Moss, Norway.

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