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Here we present great opportunities for experiencing one of the world`s last wilderness, Norway. Read about how you can wander around in the country`s breathtaking nature and enjoy a wide range of outdoors activities that really turn you on!

Norway - A time laps of stunning nature

2014-11-09 Read more

Kvamsfjellet,rondane,mountains, Norway

Rondane Mountain Range seen from Kvamsfjellet in Norway

Admiring the Rondane Mountain Range, observed from Rondaplassen at Kvamsfjellet mountain on Saturday afternoon 24th May 2014. I never get tired looking at this majestic mountain range. Set in a spectacular scenery, the ten peaks above are 2,000 metres with the highest being Rondslottet at an altitude of 2,178 metres above sea level.

2014-05-27 Read more


Admiring the wilderness from the lookout tower Linnekleppen, Rakkestad in Norway

A hiking tour up to the fire tower on Linnekleppen near Rakkestad. Located at the one of the highest peaks in the county Østfold (325 metres above sea level). It overlooks the whole county, parts of neighbouring counties and parts of Sweden.


Traditional Christmas Celebration, Moss in Norway - 2013

The streets in the town of Moss come alive again: a lighted parade full of small and big Santas were singing carols. It was on the first Sunday of Advent (1st December 2013), the township in Moss gathered together for the Christmas Parade and lightened the Christmas Tree.

2013-12-21 Read more


Christmas atmosphere in Moss, Norway - 2013

A Christmas tree and decorated lights illuminate the historical site around the former Peterson factory in Moss the 17th December 2013. Also colourful Christmas light arrangements in residential neighborhoods in Moss. The inhabitants here take the Christmas celebration seriously as rest of the people in Norway. Some houses are outlined in Christmas lights.

2013-12-21 Read more

Røysåsen hill, Moss, Norway

Moss Norway Travel Guide - For genuine adventurers!

Moss Norway Travel Guide is travel guide for genuine adventurers! Experience the region of Moss, located south east in Norway. Abundance of trails, but most exciting is venture out on the off beaten tracks.

2013-11-10 Read more

Henestangen og Fugleleiken utkikstårn, watchtower, Råde, Moss in Norway

A wonderful view from the top of Henestangen og Fugleleiken utkikstårn, watchtower in Råde, Moss in Norway (13.10.13). The tower is 20 metres high and was built previous year. Here I could observe the surrounding area in central Østfold fylke, county. Full activity on the ground: grilling and playing. People had a really god time in the forest.

2013-11-10 Read more

Hiking trails in Moss, Norway - Watch the video of some of Norway`s best routes

2013-06-26 Read more

Summer idyll in Moss, Norway

Summer idyll in Moss, Norway, especially at the Moss harbour area. Here you can enjoy boat life, restaurants, bars, sculptures, play ground for children, green parks, and bathing at the beach "Sjøbadet", located on the Jeløy side, next to the Bastø ferry landing and the cabal. Take a biking or hiking tour out in the fields at Rygge, paddle in Vansjø and walk along the Oslo Fjord at Jeløya island. Visit some farms as Alby gård.

2013-06-26 Read more

Boreal adventures, Nordreisa in Troms, Norway

2013-05-06 Read more

Finnmarksløpet, Norway - Europe’s longest sled dog race

2013-03-12 Read more

Fredriksten fortress,Halden, Norway

Fredriksten Fortress, Halden in Norway - Never conquered

The snow covered the Fredriksten Fortress in Halden today, located near the Swedish border, and is home to dramatic Norwegian military history. From towers on the hill we got a wonderful overview over the centre of Halden. At this seventeenth century fortress we learned about culture and history, especially that the fortress never been conquered.
2013-02-24 Read more

Aurora Borealis in Norway - One of the world`s most spectacular sights!

2013-02-22 Read more

Furusjøen Rundt-rennet 2013 - Ski adventure in Rondane, Norway

2013-02-19 Read more

Kautokeino, Finnmark, wild white nature in northern Norway - Watch the music video Hjerterått

2013-01-20 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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