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Here we present the most exciting expeditions and unique journeys. The world is growing smaller, but it is bigger than you think. Some people visualize the opportunities for others, and make our lives exciting to live.

View the world with no secrets: you can consider it in two ways: both as a threat and a opportunity. Some ways people live their lifes will surprise you...

Ida,fossil,The Natural History Museum,oslo,Norway

The missing link is found: the 47 million year old primate fossil Ida!

Scientists announced 19 May 2009 in New York the discovery of a 47 million year old primate fossil, known as Ida, that is set to revolutionise our understanding of human evolution. It`s our oldest human ancestor.
2009-05-20 Read more


Hessdalen - The Norwegian UFO mystery is still not solved!

Despite news in the media previous year about that the big Norwegian UFO mystery was solved, there has not been any mayor breakthrough. Spectacular pictures and video recordings have been obtained, but so far there has not been found any correlation with other scientific measurements.
2009-04-07 Read more

Ancient World Stories by National Geographic - Watch the videos!

Discoveries of ancient mysteries are like travel back in time. Keep updated about amazing stories as Giant Raptor Found in Argentina, mysteries of the Maya Pyramids of Chichen Itza and the Akapana Pyramid, search for the Lost Ark, new exploration of The Lost City of Angkor Wat and new view on Stonehenge Burials. Read newsarticles and watch videos.
2009-04-03 Read more

Fredrik Ericsson,Sweden,Mount Everest,K2

Fredrik Ericsson - Extreme skier begins quest to become the first to ski the world`s three highest mountains!

The Swedish extreme skier Fredrik Ericsson plans to realize his dream of becoming the first person to ski the world`s three highest mountains: Mount Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga. Arguably, the toughest challenge of the three will be his expedition to the world`s second highest mountain, K2, which begins in June 2009.
2009-03-20 Read more

Dinosaur,dinosaurs,Walk with Dinosaurs

Walking With Dinosaurs - Experiences and new amazing discoveries!

Be updated about the latest dinosaur discoveries. Admire reconstructed dinosaurs based on original bones. Experience shows where the gigants get alive again. Read about dinosaur types, prehistoric periodes when they lived and participate in dinosaur games. Watch images and videos of dinosaurs.
2009-03-19 Read more

Pliosaur,Atlantic,Zoo,PREDATOR X,Svaldbard

PREDATOR X video premieres 29 March at 8 PM 2009 - Watch the trailer now on History Channel!

The video covers one of the most amazing underwater finds in modern history. On the remote archipelago of Svalbard in Norway, just 800 miles from the North Pole, a team of paleontologists from the University of Oslo Natural History Museum, made recently a remarkable discovery: they dubbed it Predator X.
2009-03-18 Read more

Pliosaur,Atlantic,Zoo,PREDATOR X,Svaldbard

Svalbard, Norway - Discovery of PREDATOR X is the most significant Jurassic discovery made in the Arctic!

Scientists have discovered one of the largest marine predators ever found. It was announced in Oslo 17 March 2009 that an international team of paleontologists have unearthed the partial skull of a 50 ft marine reptile on the remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard in Norway.
2009-03-17 Read more

Cecilie Skog,North Pole

Cecilie Skog, Silje Hanum Padøy and Linn Yttervik plan to cross Greenland!

Three Norwegian women, Cecilie Skog. Silje Hanum Padøy and Linn Yttervik will attempt a Greenland crossing in April 2009. Previously the three girls have done several trips together, among others an expedition to Cho Oyu in 2007.
2009-03-16 Read more

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico - Entrance to Mayan Xibalba found!

Mexican archeologists located in August 2008 the place where Mayans prepared for life after death. It`s on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and is called Xibalba. There the archeologists explore now a maze of stone temples in underground caves, some submerged in water and containing human bones, which ancient Mayans believed was a portal where dead souls entered the underworld.
2009-03-06 Read more

Garden of Eden, Dilmun, Bahrain - Finally been located?

The Garden of Eden is a location described in the Book of Genesis as being the place where the first man, Adam, and his wife, Eve, lived after they were created by God. It`s a paradise where all creatures lived in harmony and life was eternity. Researchers believe now they have finally located this place: the land of Dilmun is the Garden of Eden, and is located on the island of Bahrain.
2009-03-05 Read more

New discovery about the Viking ship Oseberg!

Researchers believe they have located the area where the Oseberg ship was built: it`s at Karmøy in northern Rogaland county. The ship is from the Viking age and was discovered for over 100 years ago in a large burial mound at the Oseberg farm near Tønsberg in Vestfold county, Norway.
2009-03-03 Read more

Oldest human footprints found in Kenya - Look at the photo!

Analysis of ancient footprints found in northern Kenya suggest that they are about 1.5 million years old, and that human ancestors walked upright with a spring in their steps just as modern humans do today.
2009-02-27 Read more

Roald Amundsen,Norway

New search for the Norwegian Polar hero Roald Amundsen!

The Royal Norwegian Navy announced Monday 23 February 2009 that Norway plans to renew search for the South Pole conqueror Roald Amundsen's plane. It`s 81 years after it vanished during an Arctic rescue mission.
2009-02-24 Read more

Chachapoya, Peru, Amazon - Traces of the Warriors of the Clouds found!

Stone constructions from an ancient Indian village was found for 2 years ago deep in the Amazon jungle on the Peruan site. The vast tribe is known as the Warriors of the Clouds, also called the Chachapoya, based on the name of the site.
2009-02-18 Read more

Discovery of Chachapoya, Peru - One of the Lost White Migrations?

Ruins of an ancient Indian village was found for 2 years ago well hidden in the Amazon jungle on the Peruan site. The vast tribe is known as the Warriors of the Clouds, also called the Chachapoya. These people is said to had pale skin and blonde hair. Where the Chachapoya people migrants or descenders from migrants from Europe?
2009-02-18 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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