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Here we present the world`s biggest mysteries. Humans` search lead to the most amazing experiences, explorations and discoveries.

Shakespeare the hidden truth - Oak Island, Canada

2013-08-11 Read more

Archaeologists unearth suspected family tomb of Mona Lisa

2013-08-10 Read more

Causeway Oak Island and Petter Amundsen, Norway

Oak Island mystery may be solved through the Shakespeare code soon

Now I'm on my way to Canada to make history, says Petter Amundsen from Norway in an interview with the Norwegian national newspaper Dagbladet.

2013-08-04 Read more

Explorations of the Cart Ruts in Malta

2012-10-06 Read more

The World's Mysterious Places on Google Earth

2012-09-10 Read more

Sea monster,sjøorm,sea worm

Sea serpent observed in Hornindalsvatnet in Hornindal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Sea serpent, sea monster or whatever you call it, it was an amazing observation the three Norwegian men Andreas Solvik, Arvid Otterdal and Finn Nyhammer did on Wednesday 3rd August 2012. They were on their way back home in a boat when they saw something that made ​​ripples on the water. It was in the lake Hornindalsvatnet in Hornindal in Sogn og Fjordane. Here they observed a strange creature that they believe could be a sea serpent.
2012-08-06 Read more

Secrets of Stonehenge

2012-06-26 Read more

Rapa Nui - Rapanui legends of Easter Island, Chile

2012-06-26 Read more

Ocean X Team, Ocean Explorer Expedition, determined to solve the mystery

In June 2011 Swedish treasure hunters in the Ocean Explorer Expedition captured images of something unusual deep down on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. They think they have made the find of a lifetime. The problem is, they're not exactly sure what it is they've uncovered. Now the Ocean Explorer Expedition search intensively for revealing the truth about the strange object.
2012-06-18 Read more

Mysterious Object Found on Baltic Seafloor

2012-06-12 Read more

Unusual find in the Baltic Sea - What`s underground? A UFO?

2012-06-11 Read more

Oak Island mystery solved in the Sweet Swan of Avon - The Shakespeare Treasure?

2012-06-07 Read more

Oak Island Money Pit Mystery - What`s down there?

2012-06-07 Read more

Ayers Rock, Australia - Did a Dingo really take the baby?

2012-06-03 Read more

Picnic at Hanging Rock, Australia - What happened to the girls? A true story?

2012-06-01 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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