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Exploration News

Walesa. Man of Hope - Movie trailer

2013-12-15 Read more

Lech Walesa - "The Man who Broke the Iron Curtain"

2013-12-15 Read more


Sunrise in Gdansk, Poland - Christmas Celebration has started!

Sunrise in Gdansk, Poland, admired through an open window from my hotel room in the 14th floor (Sunday 2nd Advent 8th December 2013). Even with cold strong winds in periods, it was a great christmas atmosphere here with snow covering the architectural wonders in the beautiful old town. Gdansk is also the city where the Second World War started (first battle) and where the Solidarity movement arose tearing down the Iron Curtain.

2013-12-10 Read more

Røysåsen hill, Moss, Norway

Moss Norway Travel Guide - For genuine adventurers!

Moss Norway Travel Guide is travel guide for genuine adventurers! Experience the region of Moss, located south east in Norway. Abundance of trails, but most exciting is venture out on the off beaten tracks.

2013-11-10 Read more

Henestangen og Fugleleiken utkikstårn, watchtower, Råde, Moss in Norway

A wonderful view from the top of Henestangen og Fugleleiken utkikstårn, watchtower in Råde, Moss in Norway (13.10.13). The tower is 20 metres high and was built previous year. Here I could observe the surrounding area in central Østfold fylke, county. Full activity on the ground: grilling and playing. People had a really god time in the forest.

2013-11-10 Read more

Scientists make Easter Island statue walk

2013-11-03 Read more

Isolated Amazon tribe captured for the first time on video

2013-09-25 Read more

Jaguar attacks a Caiman, Brazil

2013-09-12 Read more

Hungry Jaguar attacks caiman in Brazil's Pantanal Wetlands

2013-09-12 Read more

Mashco-Piro tribe make contact in Amazon, Peru

2013-08-23 Read more

Memorial stone on Oak Island - Stein Morten Lund

Who has right about the Oak Island mystery?

It`s too early to declare the big mystery on the Canadian island Oak Island for solved. Despite over 200 years old searching for treasures on the island nothing of value has been found, but discoveries of several kinds of clues still inspire treasure hunters to search on the island. One of them is Petter Amundsen from Norway.

2013-08-18 Read more

Shakespeare the hidden truth - Oak Island, Canada

2013-08-11 Read more

Causeway Oak Island and Petter Amundsen, Norway

Oak Island mystery may be solved through the Shakespeare code soon

Now I'm on my way to Canada to make history, says Petter Amundsen from Norway in an interview with the Norwegian national newspaper Dagbladet.

2013-08-04 Read more

Archaeologists unearth suspected family tomb of Mona Lisa

2013-08-10 Read more

Bears rub three in Kananaskis Country, Canada

2013-08-10 Read more

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Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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