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Exploration News

Buried in water, burdened by nature - the mystery goes on: why was the Iron Age people in Levänluhta in western Finland buried in water? The amazing wetland find consists of unburnt, mixed up remains from almost 100 human individuals along with artefacts

Levänluhta in Finland - Buried in water, burdened by nature

The mystery goes on: why was the Iron Age people in Levänluhta in western Finland buried in water? 

2022-01-28 Read more

Helsinki, Finland - Between the architectural wonders there are Saunas, Soumi Rokkia and Sisu

Experienced beautiful Helsinki in October 2021 by strolling around squares, museums, churches, architectural wonders and parks. Got insight into Finnish life and culture. A vacation in Helsinki can easily be turned into a great adventure.


Musk Ox,Dovre,Norway,moskus,moskusokse,dovrefjell

Musk Ox, Dovre Norway - An unforgettable encounter

Stepped into the Musk Ox world and experienced a mountain area with untouched nature and a fascinating history. Here we really got the feeling of getting out into the middle of nowhere. Our top local tour guide Ståle Lien, Dovreguiden, explained everything about these majestic animals to us, and showed us the way to the sites where we could observe them.

Halden canal Norway - A journey along the canal

Halden canal in Norway - A journey through scenic areas

The crew on the boat MS Brekke took us this evening on a wonderful journey. We went through Norway's oldest channel system, the Halden canal. Here we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and spectacular locks. 

Happy new year 2021,Travel Explorations,Norway

Happy New Year 2021 - from Travel Explorations

Out with the old, now in with the new! On this New Year's Eve, we celebrated as usual what we want to experience. Due to the shadow of Covid-19, we celebrated this time like no other. 

2021-01-03 Read more

Thor Heyerdal,Larvik,Norway - statue in Larvik of the big adventurer

Thor Heyerdahl, Larvik, Norway - In the early footsteps of a world adventurer

This Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl showed new ways of explorations and adventures to the world. He did it in his own way. Mostly regarded, but also many scepticans. He was born and grow up in the city Larvik in southern Norway, and in these surroundings I could understand where he got his inspirations from. 

Høyt og Lavt Activity Park, Larvik, Norway - Experienced the world from the tree tops

Høyt og Lavt Activity Park, Larvik, Norway - Experienced the world from the tree tops

Soaring high in Scandinavia's largest climbing park was an thrill experience! It`s fun activity park for the whole family in the beautiful valley Lågendalen. 

Kaupang,Viking, village, Viking,buried,Larvik,Norway

Kaupang, Larvik - The mystery of why Norway`s first Viking town vanished

On 3rd August 2020 we took part in the history of viking life and death in the town of Kaupand near Larvik in southern Norway. Experienced also crafts, knowledge, religion and food culture. For me it looked like that the growing town in the past had optimal conditions to exist, but suddenly it all disapeared. By a coincident remains of the town was discovered by a farmer. The mystery goes on, but new shed of light on what happened ....

Titlis,mount titlis,alps,switzerland,uri,uri alps

Mount Titlis, Switzerland - Stunning fun on the top!

Enjoyed the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps from the top of the Mount Titlis. Ventured a magic crossing over the Cliff Walk, the highest suspension bridge in Europe, and walked through the stunning Glacier Cave. Took a ride on the Ice Flyer to really feel soaring in the air.

Jerusalem, Israel - Praying at the Western Wall

Praying at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem took place after the Temple was destroyed by the Titus and the Romans in 70 A.D. The Western Wall was the only wall remaining of the Temple, and witness people`s praying here today is really an interesting experience. 

Jesus,burial site,Jerusalem,Isreal

Jerusalem, Israel - Walked in the final steps of Jesus

As one of billions around the world I have heard of Jesus Christ, but not so many know much about the places he walked, ministered, lived, and become arrested, executed and buried. Jesus's final steps in Jerusalem are still discussed by historicans. The New Testament covers places associated with Jesus, but are they really identified?

2019-08-15 Read more

Ein Gedi,Ein Gedi Nature Reserve,israel

Ein Gedi natural reserve, Israel - A tropical paradise

Hiking in Ein Gedi nature reserve - a tropical paradise. It has the biggest oasis in Israel. Admired beautiful springs and waterfalls, and flowing brooks at the foot of the cliffs. There are also swimming holes and a cave here. This part of the Judean desert is home to wild goats ibexes and rock rabbit hyraxes.

2019-08-13 Read more

Masada,Isreal,siege of Masada,unesco,dead sea,judean desert

Masada, Israel - an incredible story about triumph and tragedy

Experienced Masada - an amazing archaeological site in Israel. Masada rises 300 meters above the desert. Got insight in a dramatic episode from old time and become totally shocked. Josephus described it in his account The Jewish War: the Judean rebels in the First Jewish Revolt made an epic last stand against the Tenth Roman Legion.

2019-07-31 Read more

Ananuri castle,Georgia

Ananuri Castle, Georgia - Battles, secrets and legends

Ananuri is one of hundreds of Georgian medieval castles, named after the next village, on the Georgian Military Road. The castle and the fortress were built in 16th century by the Dukes of Aragv which ruled the area since the 13th century. 


Rabati Castle, Akhaltsikhe town in Georgia - From wars to peace

Admired the old stone fortress Rabati Castle, in the town of Akhaltsikhe, Georgia. It stands on a small hill on the shores of the Potskhovi river. The fortress had been destroyed and rebuilt several times. It has therefore absorbed tracks of different cultures and religions. Now a symbol for how people of different backgrounds and identities can live together peacefully. 

2019-07-04 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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