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Kaarina and Turku, Finland - Enjoying the magic winter atmosphere

Turku Kaarina, Winter in Finland

The fairytale winter world at different places around Kaarina and Turku. Visit the region of Kaarina and Turku during wintertime and discover the wildlife in natural souroundings.

Photo. Winter atmosphere outside Turku. © A. Jokisaari - Travelguide: http://www.jokisaari.net/travels/.

You can also enjoy Turku’s traditional Christmas Market and the Christmas celebrations in these cities of South-West of Finland.

For more photos from Kaarina and Turku in Finland, see our travel guide Finland Adventure Travel on Facebook.

Kaarina is located in South West Finland Kaarina is a dynamic, thriving town with a growing population of more than 31 000. The natural or recreational attractions as well as birdwatching sites in Kaarina are mainly located in locations that are classified as natural conservation areas or protected Natura areas. You can enjoy nature in many ways; an easy way to start is to feed and observe birds in winter. Kaarina provides excellent opportunities for birdwatchers and more serious ornithologists.  

Kaarina offers a wide range of tracks and trails for hiking and other outdoor activities, such as, natural photography. In addition to marked trails and guided tours, you can go to the forest on your own, for example, to pick mushrooms or berries. There is plenty of untouched nature in Kaarina, especially in its eastern parts.

The Archipelago Ring Road is a popular destination and an excellent way for tourists to enjoy the most beautiful islands in the world.  Kaarina is the home for many manors whose historical milieus and beautiful natural surroundings offer the visitor a relaxing experience. Also worth visiting are the ruins of the medieval Bishop’s Castle and the beautiful wooden church in Kuusisto, the first island along the Archipelago Ring Route. A comprehensive road network allows for easy and fast access to the logistics centres of Turku and Helsinki, Combined with a highly educated workforce and wide range of ancillary services Kaarina is the perfect location for business.

Turku also gives access to the incredible Finnish archipelago, a network of thousands of islands stretching all along the southern Finnish coast, many of which are interlinked via an uncomplicated network of bridges and roads. The Turku “Archipelago-Trail” – Possibly one of the most beautiful Bike Tours in Europe. The Turku “Archipelago Trail” offers a fantastic tour round the Turku archipelago. The trail is not really a road, but much more a network of different roads connected to one another by ferries, which take the cyclist on a diverse round trip through this unique archipelago landscape. One location is not the same as another and the scenery is forever changing from mystical rocky landscapes to lush green meadows. In addition to the approximate 160 -190 km of roads there is about another 30-50km of ferry crossings between the islands.

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