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Here we present the world`s biggest mysteries. Humans` search lead to the most amazing experiences, explorations and discoveries.

Hessdalen - The Norwegian UFO mystery is still not solved!

Despite news in the media previous year about that the big Norwegian UFO mystery was solved, there has not been any mayor breakthrough. Spectacular pictures and video recordings have been obtained, but so far there has not been found any correlation with other scientific measurements.

Photo. The mysterious light phenomena in Hessdalen, Norway. © Project Hessdalen - www.hessdalen.org

Could it be small green men or a new kind of energy? What could it be?
The light phenomena has been observed since the 1800 century. It seems to be difficult to explain, and that make it very unique! It`s Norway`s X-files. The light phenomena has only been observed in the small village Hessdalen in Norway, and no other places in the world. According to Project Hessdalen (website: www.hessdalen.org), there can be a big difference in how the Hessdalen phenomena look like.

The difference is so big that there might be different kind of phenomena they are facing. These differencies can be seen both in the pictures and in the description from the observers. The phenomena can be organised in different types, based on how it looks like, the movement and how it behaves.

There are many theories about the light phenomena. As written on Project Hessdalen`s website (www.hessdalen.org): It is difficult to find one theory that covers all the different observations that has been done, and which is based on the common knowlegde that exist "today" of our nature and our universe.

Location of the UFO mystery
Hessdalen lies in the municipality of Holtålen, which consists principally of the villages of Ålen (the municipality's main centre) and Haltdalen. In addition there are the two mountain hamlets of Aunegrenda and Hessdalen. Hessdalen is approximately 5 km from the municipality's centre.

Holtålen, with its 2500 inhabitants, is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and has much to offer that is of historical and natural interest, as well as hunting and fishing. The abundant animal life includes moose, reindeer and roe-deer. There is good salmon and trout fishing in the river Gaula, and the municipality boasts several excellent fishing lakes.


Watch films the mysterious light phenomena in Hessdalen

Live from Hessdalen
Join researchers in their hunt for the UFO and watch a new picture every second from the station. If your speed is not high enough, you may go to the page where the picture is updated automatically every 5. second, every 10. second or every 15. second. You may also choose to update yourself. 

See contiuesly updated photo very second: Updated photos Hessdalen.

No one can explained the mysterious light phenomena in Hessdalen today, but time will show. Research work is stilling going on. There is established a interactive observatory in Hessdalen, also called “Blue Box”, and the researchers refuse to give up!

Stein Morten Lund, 6 April 2009

Additional information
Read more about Hessdalen UFO-mystery and other mysteries on the global travel guide Travel Explorations - www.TravelExplorations.com

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