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Here we present the greatest explorers. They show ways for others and make our lives more interesting to live. There are also important things you could learn from them!

Great Norwegian polar explorer Liv Arnesen honoured in Lotz

The famous Norwegian polar explorer, Liv Arnesen, became this weekend given the honourable prize "Explorer 2003 Awards" during an arrangement in Lotz in Poland. She was given the prize for her contribution that reflects strong enthusiasm and abilities to overcome strong personal limits.
She has achieved goals that belong to the most beautiful discoveries that are made. Her most unique performances include being the first woman to walk solo without support to the South Pole, and joining the first team of women to ski across the Antarctic.

Photo: Explorer 2003 - Liv Arnesen, a great explorer from Norway.

Her most famous expeditions are:

• The Bancroft - Arnesen Expedition Antarctica 2001

• Mount Everest 1996

• The South Pole 1994

• Greenland 1992

• Greenland 1991

Liv Arnesen`s expedition life goes on, and she still search for new challenges. Liv and her friend Ann Bancroft will in the spring of 2005 attempt to become the first women to cross the Arctic Ocean.

Stein Morten Lund, 24 November 2003

Additional information
Liv was born in 1953 in Bærum, on the outskirts of Oslo. Liv has lectured all over the world to large audiences on her expedition to the South Pole. Her lectures are accompanied by slides and videos taken on the journeys. For more information, take a look at her website www.liv-arnesen.no

One woman's amazing feat, proving that everyone can make his - or her dream comes true. It is said that mental ability is tomorrow's ability. God Girls do not Ski to the South Pole. One woman's amazing feat, proving that everyone can make his - or her - dream come true! The book is translated into English by Roland Huntford, the author of the biographies of Shackleton and Nansen in addition to thriller Amundsen & Scott and their race to the South Pole in 1911.

Photo. Book of Liv Arnesen: Liv and Ann's book on their historic journey across Antarctica is now available! Here's your chance to learn more about this inspiring journey. You can find it in bookstores everywhere.

Photo. Book of Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft. These books can be ordered trough the website www.liv-arnesen.no

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