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Here we present the most exciting books and films. Save space in your travel bag. These books (and films) should be a part of you backpack.

Exciting travel book from Hvitserk - Norwegian tour reports from the World of Explorations and Adventures!

Entertaining, useful and inspiring! Norwegians are really the travelling people. The book "Nå er det din tur" proves that they have a strong passion for trekking and climbing in challenging surroundings. With the right guts independent of age and gender, most people can make it too.

Living in a small country, Norway, in the northern corner on the globe, Norwegians are curios and eager to explore the world round. The places covered in this book are Kilimanjaro, Greenland, Aconcagua, Machu Picchu, North Pole, Grand Canyon, Mt. Everest and of course the wilderness in Svalbard, from their own beloved country.

Where the dreams start

The book is written in Norwegian and its original title is "Nå er det din tur". It means something like that: Now it's your turn (time) to go on tour! I am holy convinced that this book would have a great international potential if it was issued in English and Spanish. The book is about ordinary people on unusual places. It visualizes a world of adventurous opportunities, available for most people.


The authors, the two experienced Norwegian travellers, Odd Harald Hauge and Lars Ebbesen (from the well-known tour and trekking operator Hvitserk - www.Hvitserk. no), describes 10 extraordinary tours, and the book is full packed with breathtaking reports, extracts from diaries, great stories, interesting historic background information about explorations and discoveries, idioms, slogans, words of wisdom, maps, useful advise and big beautiful photos.


The book's big format (27 X 27 centimetres) comes to its fullest right when photos cover the whole page, and that make you even more curious about the world's last frontiers. All this will freak your adrenaline already before you start your next tour!


Even though it looks so professional, be aware that these photos are not taken by professional photographers, for example on mission from National Geographic, who lay down for months waiting for the optimal light conditions. All photos are taken by amateurs, travellers with heavy backpack, who like explorations and adventures. Sometimes they have been totally exhausted on their tours. Instead of resting they have taking some fantastic photos and caught unforgettable moments, showed in this book.


Forgotten by humans - not by god!

Each reader will find their own favourite place or tour in the book. Probably the most unique part of the book is about the east cost of Greenland. It starts with the heading "Forgotten by humans - not by god!" Here the authors describe as an Eldorado of deep fjords, twinkling glaciers, high mountains, herds of whales and spectacular ice bergs.


As the Inuits did before, the Norwegians paddle round in kayaks. It's easy, exciting and it's unique. Look at all the big beautiful photos from the tours there and you will see that this is another world that goes far beyond your imaginations.


Photos. Paddling round in East Greenland (from Hvitserk`s website www.Hvitserk.no)



Why do so many Norwegians go on tours like this?

The book represents a valuable contribution to Norwegian travel literature, especially for extraordinary tours and expeditions. It's well-written, full of passion and with a huge portion of humour. It gives a good understanding about an increasing number of Norwegian travellers` habits, experiences and adventures today.


The world's grows smaller, but the people become more daring. Half of the Norwegians go to countries in the southern Europe (as for example Greek, Turkey and Spain) - mostly for sunbathing, partying and perhaps little bit cultural activities? But what do the rest?


Travelling habits is changing

Norwegians are as their forefathers, the Vikings, have always been a travelling people. An increasing number of both Norwegian men and women like to travel to remote areas where they can experience something unique. They enjoy a great variety of activities as trekking, climbing, rafting and kayaking, and they continuously search for new places and challenges.


Since Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, Norwegians have the money to realise their travel dreams. But not all adventure tours have to cost much money if you travel smart. Modern transport for long distances, equipment and experience give also new opportunities for travelling like this.


Great souvenir for adventure travellers

The book is too large in format and too heavy to be carried on tours as the Lonely Planet's guide books, but it's a useful source for planning your tours. This exclusive book with beautiful design, excellent layout and high quality binding, make it to the perfect gift or souvenir for people who like travelling.


The book is interesting for people who have been to the mentioned places, people who plan to go to these places, people who like travelling in general and search inspiration, and people who like to be entertained by exciting travel tales and big beautiful photos.



Special message to Norwegian readers - Booking!

"Nå er det din tur!" En eksklusiv reisebok i vakkert design og solid innbinding.


Bestilling av boken gjøres gjennom den norske turoperatøren Hvitserk, Oslo (klikk på linken og les mer): Bestilling Hvitserk.


Tour success factor number one

The main reason for Norwegians` successful tours and expeditions are preparation.


There are no easy ways or shortcuts to the world's frontiers. Preparation is 80 % of the success, according to the book's authors, the two experienced travellers, Odd Harald Hauge and Lars Ebbesen.


A counterbalance to the Norwegians is the British. In over 100 years the British have challenged the world's frontiers without learning anything, not from their own or other's failures. In our time there are not bigger "muddled heads" than the British, but they have real courage and guts, and know how to struggle!


Half of the pleasure is preparations; retrieving information and planning your tour. They considered internet as the best source for finding information, but it could never be a substitute for talking to other people (sharing experience).    


People who have contributed to this book have travelled with Hvitserk, a Norwegian well-known tour operator and guiding company, specialised on climbing and trekking on high mountains around the world.


Over years the professional guides in Hvitserk have guided Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Brits, Dutch, Swiss, German, Austrians, Canadians, Americans, etc, on unique adventure tours, especially in Greenland.


In Norway Hvitserk offers tours to Stetind in Nordland and Lofoten, for climbing high peaks, and to the arctic wilderness in Svalbard, where you can encounter polar bears and experience the unique nature. One of the authors of the book, Lars Ebbesen is also one of the founders of Hvitserk.


Don't waist your holiday

As the authors says in the book: "Many waste their holiday because they are so busy with too many things, while they are doing nothing!". Don't ask what the tour can do for you, but what you can do for the tour. By having the right attitude you can make the best out of most situations, and have a really great adventure.


Hopefully more people will be infected by "Travel Sickness" by reading this book. Stop dreaming and do something about it. Just jump in to it and you will be hooked too. When you have been away, and you are on your way back home, you will already be planning your next tour instead of being worry about the condition of your flowers at home. Even the women!


Book review by

Stein Morten Lund, 20 October 2004


Additional information


Facts about the book:

10 fantastic dream tours you can realise yourself

From 5 continents

Over 400 colour photos.

Authors: Odd Harald Hauge and Lars Ebbesen

Price: 399,- Norwegian Kroner (ca. 57 US Dollar).

Kagge Forlag, Oslo, Norway


For more information and ordering of this book, click here: Bestilling Hvitserk.


Information about Hvitserk`s world`s adventure tours: www.Hvitserk.no.


Information in Norwegian

Boken "Nå er det din tur" er utrolig velskrevet, og handler om vanlige nordmenn, som søker unike opplevelser på uvanlige steder. De er drevet av sterk oppdagelsestrang og vitebegjær. Reiser og opplevelser gjør noe med folk. Noen blir aldri de samme. Denne boken vil bare pirre nyskjerrigheten enda mer. Les om spennende turopplevelser i den forunderlige verdenen. Bli inspirert du også! Boken kan bestilles hos: Bestilling Hvitserk


For mer info om Hvitserk`s tilbud om spennende turer: www.Hvitserk.no.


Omtale på norsk (presentert fra boka):

Odd Harald Hauge tar deg med på 10 fantastiske turer i 5 verdensdeler. Nå kan du også dra på ekspedisjoner til steder du bare har drømt om - denne boka viser deg at det er mulig! Boka er illustrert med over 400 flotte turbilder.


Tittel: Nå er det din tur

10 fantastiske drømmeturer du selv kan realisere

Fra 5 verdensdeler

Forfattere: Lars Ebbesen og Odd Harald Hauge

Over 400 fargebilder

Ib. kr 399,-

ISBN: 82-489-0474-1

Kagge Forlag, Oslo, Norge


Når drømmer blir virkelighet skjer det noe med oss, vi blir aldri den samme igjen. Hvis du drømmer om å gjøre noe ekstra ut av feriene dine, så er du ikke alene. Stadig flere vil oppleve noe spesielt, og kan gjerne yte for å nyte. I dag er det ikke lenger slik at de store vidder og de høye topper er forbeholdt polfarere og fjellklatrere. De gikk foran, men sporet etter dem er bredt, og har plass til mange som vil på tur.


Denne boka skal hjelpe deg over terskelen, fra turist til turist. Den er en idé- og inspirasjonsbok, den kan lede deg til en av livets store opplevelser. Boka beskriver 10 uvanlige reiser; fra Grønland til Kilimanjaro og rafting i Grand Canyon. De flere hundre fantastiske bildene viser at det er folk fra 13 til 70 år som når sine mål. Det er rett og slett vanlige mennesker på uvanlige steder. Skulle noen være i tvil om det er verdt den ekstra innsatsen, så forteller bildene at man blir lykkelig på tur. Og uansett; det er alltid sunt å drømme!


Bestilling gjøres her: Bestilling Hvitserk .


For mer info om Hvitserk`s tilbud om spennende turer: www.Hvitserk. no.

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